Picture Moment

“You can’t fail if you never start trying” — Yogi Bear
Can you tell I went and saw Yogi Bear this weekend?

I can’t fail this year if I don’t start trying to reach my goals. 
Be healthier: Food and Exercise.
That is the most important goal to me this year even though it is not listed first. 

I had a moment this weekend. It couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. 

I was at my oldest brothers house from Thursday through Sunday. It was a great time! We celebrated New Years Eve with a small party, saw Yogi Bear, watched a lot of football, did some shopping with my niece and sister in law, played a lot of Monopoly with my nephew, toasted marshmallows over a fire pit to make S’mores, and we played a lot of Wii.

Seems great, right? It was! I wouldn’t trade those moments for anything in the world. However, my whole perspective changed after my niece and I set the self timer on my camera to pose for a picture in front of the Christmas tree. 

I have gotten really good at posing at just the right angle when taking pictures. This picture gave me no mercy! In a weird way I am actually quite thankful for that. I have thought about that picture for the last 3 days. Thoughts of how horrible I look, how fat I have become, and how other people might see me have consumed me. Ugh, I felt so negative! I knew right away that I HAVE to change this year. 

Not only do I need to do this for me, but I am going to be healthier for my niece and nephew too! They are everything to me. They call me Awesome Aunt Bina, but I know I can be a lot more awesome and they deserve that! Normally I delete bad pictures right away, but this one I kept. This one kick off the new year, but I won’t let it end that way. This is the commitment and motivation I need. 

365 days is a long time for something to change. Changing a little something everyday will add up to big results at the end of the year. Of all the years, this is my year for success!

If you read my Goals, you know I am doing a 365 day photo project. I might not post every picture from every day but here are my first two pictures! 
Picture one is the picture that opened my eyes.
1.1.11 – Me & E

Picture two is the reason that I am recommitting.
1.2.11 – E & T

Side business: 
  1. I weighed in on January 1st, just to see. 190.6!
  2. I have updated a few of my tabs. Weight Progress and Contact Me.
  3. I am now on Twitter! So come, follow me! Sabrina_Alex
  4. Today I am starting Sly’s Challenge and the public challenge from Jen. Who’s with me? 
  5. My good, snarky, friend had started a blog of her own. She could use some love and encouragement as she figures out the blogging world. Read her blog: HERE!


14 thoughts on “Picture Moment

  1. Sarahf

    You're so positive. I know how much being active can change your life, so good luck with it. I can't wait to read how you're getting on. XOXO

  2. Sarah

    I am in on Syl's challange and got workout #1 for the week done yesterday! Yey! Four more, although I have five planned. 😀 You can do it! And good luck with the water!

  3. The Hungry Runner Girl

    Girl, you are absolutely amazing!! YOU CAN DO THIS and you have already accomplished so so much!! I am LOVING your picture goal:) Hope you are having a great day and I am going to use your coupon clipping idea:)

  4. Kristi

    I love Yogi Bear's quote 🙂 It's the beginning of a new year, a new slate. You can do this… so can I. We just need to have faith in ourselves.


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