I Hate Intervals

I feel like intervals are a necessary part of my training and success. I hate them, but I hope they  will make me better/faster/stronger in the long run.

I’ve been using my favorite button on the treadmill to crank out a few interval workouts over the past week. Including one this morning.

speed interval

During one of my run intervals I started wondering; Will this would ever get easier?

Will I ever be able to run more than 1 minute at this speed and do it consistently through a workout?

When will I be able to decrease my walk times?

When will a minute of running not feel like 5 minutes?

Will this ever feel like more than just a workout?

I am absolutely the kind of girl who wants instant results and instant progress, but I know the reality of the situation all too well. It just doesn’t work like that. More than anything I want to feel like I am progressing, like things are getting easier, and that I may actually be successful at an upcoming 5k that I am registered for.

That’s right. Alex and I are registered for a 5k on March 1st. The Best Damn Race in Orlando, Florida. I am not sure I’ve ever finished a 5k in under 15 minutes, and that is my goal for this race. There will be a lot of intervals between now and March 1st, but someway or somehow I will finish in under 45 minutes.

The rest of the race season is undecided. We have a few races on our radar, both this spring and this fall, but we haven’t bit the bullet yet.

In due time, Sabrina. In due time.


2 thoughts on “I Hate Intervals

  1. Lynsey

    I love intervals. I like to do 7-9 on the treadmill with 30 seconds on 30 off and then move to 40 on 20 off. If I went down and back up it’d take the whole 30 seconds so I jump to the sides. I need a button like that!
    I need to schedule a 5k so I makes self run more. You can hit that 45 mins!


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