Weekly Recap: Week 3

Every Sunday morning (hopefully) I will be posting a recap of the previous week (Sunday – Saturday). It will consist of all workouts from the previous week and my weigh in from that morning.

Weigh In:

1/1/2014: 222.0
Previous week: 223.4
Current: 222.0 


Thankfully I am down again this week, but these 220’s might just be the death of me.


1/12 – none (Spectator at the Walt Disney World Marathon)

1/13 – Intervals and arms

1/14 – none

1/15 – none

1/16 – Intervals and stretching

1/17 – none

1/18 – none

I don’t have an excuse on why I didn’t workout this week except to say that I just didn’t. I love everything about my current workout routine (even the dreaded intervals), but I don’t have a consistent workout schedule. Yet! Failing to planning is planning to fail? Or something like that.

I will post my interval workout this week, but I am utilizing a (new to me) button on the treadmill. It’s my favorite!


You can always join me on MyFitnessPal or DailyMile!  (click to link)

What is your workout schedule like? Do you schedule workouts into your day?


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