Rewind Forward

Happy 2011!!!
First, let me rewind back to 2010. I didn’t set any goals or resolutions for 2010, but I believe I ended the year a lot better than I started. Of course there were highs and lows, but those are in the past and I can move on with a whole new start! Ahh…
My favorite memory of 2010: Pearl Harbor
Now, my to review December Goals:
  • Log 30 miles – Running or walking – This did not happen.
  • Make a NEW Training Plan and STICK to it!! – Neither did this, despite good intentions.
  • Try not to gain more weight. Really, I want to get back to 187. The scale only went up!
  • Drink 64 ounces of water PER DAY! Hey! I did that! Except maybe yesterday…
  • Use MFP and DailyMile to their full potential! – I got a lot better!
  • Read and finish 3 books – Done: Happy Ever After, The Shack, and In The Woods
  • Paint and hang pictures! – Done. See HERE!
  • Buy plane ticket to Minnesota to see my BBF Lindsay. – CHECK!
  • And finally, try not to spend too much Christmas shopping! – Yep! Under $300 total! 

 And moving forward…. 

January Goals:

And finally, my 11 Goals for 2011: Funny how that worked out!

  • Commit to school and being the student I know I can be.
  • Become well read in a variety of booksthat are normally out of my comfort zone. Read at least 40 books this year. 
  • Be healthier: Food and Exercise.
  • Learn to run and commit myself to the training. Maybe run a race or two!
  • Enjoy my days a single woman. Live life to the fullest! Carpe Diem!
  • Get more organized. Take more notes, plan better, follow through and don’t procrastinate!
  • Save money!
  • Get out of this town and explore the world! Move!
  • Take a writing and photography class.
  • 365 day photo project. Take a picture everyday. 
  • Get serious with my Italian. Practice with my mom. 

I hope you all had a wonderful and safe New Years Eve/Day. May 2011 bring us all a lot of happiness and health! I look forward to having you all along or the ride! 

Question: What is your favorite memory of 2010? 



10 thoughts on “Rewind Forward

  1. PlushBelle

    I love all of your goals! Two years ago I tried to do the 365 picture project and only made it through Easter. It would be so much fun to do it through weight loss and see how our faces change!

  2. Michelle

    good luck with your goals. I did a project 365 in 2010 and it was cool to see the different pics and have a visual memory of each day… but man, it was tough keeping it up and remmebering to take a pic everyday

  3. Patrick

    Happy New year!
    Love the pics; going to hawaii this coming June, first time since 1991, looking forward to taking 3,682 pictures…

    My favorite memory of 2010 was discovering blogging; I can't imagine I would have made such good strides in weight loss without the support found here.


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