Burn Baby, Burn

Yesterday was chilly one here in the Sunshine State. Well, by Florida standards anyways. 80+ degree temperatures will be making their return this weekend (just in time for Disney’s Marathon Weekend for those of you that may be partaking).

photo 2

Alex and I spent the morning lounging around before deciding to catch a movie. We saw the one o’clock showing of Saving Mr. Banks. It was just as good as I hoped it would be!  I highly recommend it.

photo 1

Saving Mr. Banks only made me want to watch Mary Poppins again. Such a classic. After the movie Alex told me he has never actually seen Mary Poppins. Excuse me? A fellow Disney lover that has not seen Mary Poppins?! Blasphemy!

We grabbed a late lunch then headed for home. It wasn’t even 5 pm and I felt myself getting really tired, but we had plans to go to the gym. Ugh. I almost bailed, but instead I changed into gym clothes and off we went.

Remember how I said I was going stick to the Slow and Steady workout I posted the other day? That didn’t happen. I knew I needed something up tempo to ward off the sleepiness that was rapidly setting in. Here is what I came up with.

Intense Sprints

I probably looked like death once that was over, but surprisingly I was wide awake! I am a slow runner (major emphasis on SLOW!) so sprinting at 7.0 on the treadmill is crazy difficult. That may have been the longest 21 minutes of my life, but in the end I felt really good!

I also completed a brief leg workout on the weight machines. Two sets of leg curls, leg lifts, and leg presses. For me, legs will always be the easiest part of my workouts. (Thanks Mom for enrolling me in all those years of dance and gymnastics!)

photo 4

Burn baby, burn! We are a week into the new year and I’ve got a great feeling about what 2014 holds for my healthiness journey!

What is your favorite kind of workout? 


3 thoughts on “Burn Baby, Burn

  1. mrsalexzan

    I’m really into the tough workouts. Sorta like why walk when you can run! But slow and easy workouts are just as important! I can’t wait to workout hard again…but rigtht now my body just can’t handle it.

    I realllllly want to see Saving Mr. Banks but its not playing in my town! We might go out of town this weekend to hit up Red Robin for Blake’s free b-day burger so maybe we can see it there! Of course, I’ll want to see Mary Poppins afterwards too.

    1. Sabrina Post author

      Red Robin!!! I wanna go too! We have to drive clear across the state to get to our closest Red Robin, but luckily Alex has an aunt over there so we normally make it a weekend adventure. Let me know what you think of the movie! 🙂

  2. Lynsey

    I think I’m going to start some intervals next week. Maybe just a day or 2 because my hip is killing me from all of this Jillian I’m doing.


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