I Joined the Gym!

It happened! Soon after work Alex and I headed down to our local Planet Fitness to rejoin after a year+ hiatus. Once the paperwork was done and fee was paid, we hit the equipment.

I spent 42 minutes on the treadmill doing random intervals at different inclines. I didn’t keep track of what I did, at which setting, or for how long. I just went with what felt good since this was my first outing in a while, and the first since my plantar fasciitis began acting up.

I do know that I ran at a speed of 4.5mph for a quarter mile. And I was pain free!


After the treadmill I completed a 5 minute cool down and 5 minutes of stretching.

Truth: It felt really good to work up a sweat again.



8 thoughts on “I Joined the Gym!

  1. karen

    Hooray for you!!! Tom & I were talking just yesterday about how we wish PlanetFitness was doable for us. We have them in the area but without any sort of kids section so we could drag the little one with us it’s just not happening. I’ll just live vicariously through you 🙂

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  3. Lynsey

    During an episode of Biggest Loser a month or so ago I was telling Eric how I wished we had a planet fitness. I even did research into starting one here but it’s not possible. There is one gym in my town and I can’t stand the people who run it so I’m stuck working out at home. I have enough tools to lose weight, just would like more weights.

  4. Bella

    I think having a gym to go to, especially in winter, is a great option. I love 24 Hour, and I’ve heard really good things about Planet Fitness, too. I’m running at a 4.5mph pace myself, which feels amazing. The look on your face in that picture says it all – you look so happy. Good job, girlie!


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