Ready, Set, 2014!

Happy New Year! I hope you all rang in the new year in an enjoyable fashion. And I wish us all prosperity and happiness in the year to come.

Yesterday I looked back on 2013, which means it’s time to move on to a new chapter.

I rang in my 3rd New Year with this guy. It was a quiet night at home on the couch, with a few funny faces too! I am so lucky!


With the new year comes new goals, resolutions, hopes, and dreams. Honestly, I considered not making any kind of goals or resolutions for this year, but who am I kidding? Despite past hardships or failures, I am a goal oriented kind of girl. So, try, try again, shall we?


Clean up my diet to clean up my health. – This is truly a whole other blog post worth of explanations. And that is exactly what I will post later this week.

Re-branding and re-vamping my blog. – Lately I’ve had so many ideas and dreams for this blog. I want to go in another direction, sort of. I want to take it to another level. This will be a long process that may take a good chunk of the year, but it’s something I aspire to do.

De-clutter and organize. – Starting with my closet, then my picture files, and all other useless things I seem to hoard in my life.

A new laptop. – This is self-explanatory. My laptop is just over 10 years old and it’s got more issues than worth fixing. It’s time for me to get with the technological times.

Build my savings account. – Well, just because I need to.

One new recipe a month. – I love to cook but I tend to throw the same things together all the time. Enough of that!

Alex and I also created a few relationship goals. We want to move to a new city (for many reasons including educational purposes), travel somewhere that isn’t Tampa or Orlando, and run a few races. We would also like to continue something we started in the latter part of 2013; date night! At some point we transitioned from a dating couple to a “life” couple. We just do everything together and things that used to be considered a “date” became just another part of our life. Now, after all the stuff we went thought last year, we realize the importance of date nights.

As much as I LOVE making goals and resolutions, I really love the idea of having a word or theme. This year that word is going to be: FINISH! I need to finish the things I start. No more half ass-ing things. Really!

Well, that’s it! No more saying I want to lose X amount of weight or I want to run/walk X miles. The numbers that X could represent are not important and I think that is why my word for the year is Finish. I don’t want the pressure of a number, but I would rather focus on the overall picture.

Did you make goals/resolutions or did you set a theme/pick a word for the year?


5 thoughts on “Ready, Set, 2014!

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