Reflecting on 2013

It’s absolutely crazy to think we are closing out another year today. Yet here I am, reflecting on another year, hoping and dreaming about the coming year, and trying to make sense of it all.

This time last year I was Work-Shopping 2013, and was preparing my goals for this year.

Move. Move through exercise, and travel. Move forward in money career, education, and my relationships.
– I moved to a new position at work, which hasn’t always been for the better, but I strive to make the best of it. 
– I moved forward in my relationship with Alex and built a stronger bond. 

Learn. Learn by continuing my college education, reading more, exploring unknown places and things (to me), and through people I encounter every day.
– I learned that relationships are not easy or perfect, but they are worth fighting for when you find the one you love and can’t live without. 
– I learned that overcoming struggles and challenges makes me stronger and wiser.

Share. Share my time and talents through volunteer work and community service. Share on my blog and with my writing. Share more of my time and self with those I love and cherish.
– It took almost all year, but I finally learned how to share myself in a more open and intimate matter with those I hold dearest in my life.  

For me, 2013 was about all the up, downs, and experiences.

The downs and all the gut wrenching feelings that came along with them:
Alex and I broke up.
I was diagnosed with PCOS.
I battled with depression.
 (sometimes I still do)
I was told I likely have Plantar Fasciitis in my left foot. 

But there were some beautiful ups too!:
Alex and I ran the Family Fun 5K during Disney’s Marathon Weekend.
Alex and I found our way back to each other! (celebrating our 3rd NYE together)
I became a Sweat Pink Ambassador. (Though I can admit I haven’t done the best job.) 
We spent 4 days vacationing at Walt Disney World.
Truth is, we went to Disney way more than I actually blogged about, just look at my Instagram account (Sabrina_Alex).

Of course, there was my weight fluctuation too. It was an epic battle and certainly reflects what was going on in my life; highs and lows.


AND! My Project Reverb, which I am still way behind on!

Move, Learn, and Share. As I sit here thinking about those words I would like to think I did what I set out to accomplish, but the truth is that 2013 was a hard year. Things didn’t exactly play out as I wanted them to, but I count the accomplishments I did have; including the accomplishments in disguise.

Thank you, 2013, for making me a much stronger person. Even if I didn’t like it at the time.


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