An Exhausting Holiday


Christmas time is finally over!

Yes. I was thrilled when the calendar finally rolled past December 25th.

My life lately has looked a lot like this: sleep, work, sleep, visit with out-of-town family/friends, sleep, and work. Seriously, I was off today and took two naps! Who does that?

Working ridiculous shifts for what seems pennies on the dollar has drained the life out of me.

Oh retail. Let me count the ways I despise you.

This was my 10th holiday season in retail and I actually believe it was the WORST.

I think it gets worse every year. The hours, the workload, the pay, the expectations, and don’t forget about the customers. They were out in force and most with their Negative Nancy pants on, too!

I don’t know what the future holds, but I can only hope that the 2014 holiday season is a little kinder and a lot less exhausting.

I look forward to getting back to my regular life, and blogging.


I actually do enjoy my job, but I enjoy regular schedules and sleeping much more.


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