#Reverb13: Inspiration

Project Reverb is a way to reflect on the past year and project into the next year with a prompt a day for 31 days.  These prompts are meant to be answered in posts on personal blogs, and anyone can join in.

Inspiration: What inspired you this year?  How do you think this inspiration will impact the year to come?

“Inspiration” was the prompt from December 10th, so as you can tell I am a bit behind. Truth is that I wasn’t sure I was going to participate or not, but I’ve realized that I can benefit from reflection.

Another tough prompt. Some of these are real thinkers.  

My brother, Dan. After 20+ years out of college he went back to school to finish his Bachelors degree. In 2014 he will graduate with a degree in Social Work and immediately begin working on his Masters. I am so proud of him and it’s pushed me to get back to college too. 

My cousin, Denise. She has been a runner her whole life, but in January of 2013 she ran her very first marathon with Team in Training at Walt Disney World on Marathon weekend. Cheering her on and seeing her finish was the best feeling in the world. Knowing she was a cancer survivor and was accomplishing her lifelong goal reminded me to never give up on mine. I can’t wait to cheer her on in a few weeks as she run the marathon again. 

My love, Alex. Showing me true love does exist. He encourages me in every way possible and that’s inspiration enough. 

All the blogger and friends that I’ve met along the way. No matter the circumstance or struggle, I’ve noticed bloggers to be some of the most motivated and determined people. Kudos to everyone who gets up in the morning to pound the pavement, pick veggies over cookies, or just share their lives in the most random way. I’ve not only been inspired, but touched by the reach through the community of blogging. This includes project reverb. I’ve done more thinking on this past year than I would have done otherwise. This project is helping to push me forward. Thank you, social media.


These inspirations have shaped what I strive for. They impact me by pushing me further, and making me stronger. My biggest victory can come from the smallest inspiration. 


Free thinking and sharing is encouraged!

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