#Reverb13: Fail

Project Reverb is a way to reflect on the past year and project into the next year with a prompt a day for 31 days.  These prompts are meant to be answered in posts on personal blogs, and anyone can join in.

FAIL: What just didn’t work out this year?  Is that okay with you?  Or are you going to try, try again?

“FAIL” was the prompt from December 11th, so as you can tell I am a bit behind. Truth is that I wasn’t sure I was going to participate or not, but I’ve realized that I can benefit from reflection.

At the start of the year I failed in my relationship with Alex, and that was the most difficult failure to coupe with. I wasn’t okay with it and neither was he, so for nearly five months we tried and tried. Strong than ever we are both content with that failure and where it has brought us. Unfortunately, not all failures work out so beautifully.

Bad habits plagued another year of trying to lose weight. To this day I will still find an excuse to eat all the cookie dough in one day. Why is there even cookie dough?! I bring it on myself. Pair that with emotional eating and my weight loss goals were my biggest failure. Fear not, my friends, I will try, try again because that is my only choice. I don’t need to wait for the clock to strike midnight in 2014 to get serious about my weight loss goals and healthiness. Tomorrow is a new day and it’s just as well that I get a jump-start!

Another fail was running. For nearly two years running has been my ambition. Running a half has been my goal. In 2013 there was no shortage of excuses, and when there wasn’t an excuse there was an injury or sickness. Just like my other healthiness goals, I did not make running a priority. I know it will take work, a lot of work, and a whole lot of effort too. I am not throwing in the towel, but I need to find the right mindset. It’s just not clicking for me yet. As soon as I get the issues with my foot (plantar fasciitis) I will try, try again. My best friend recently took up running and is on week 3 of the C25K program, so I am hopeful that we can push each other.

2013 should have been the year that I would finally hit my stride in this long healthiness journey that I am on. It just didn’t happen. I might lose sight of the wagon from time to time, but I won’t let myself stop trying to hitch a ride. I’ll find that darn wagon, one way or another.


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