#Reverb13: Blowing Out the Candles

Project Reverb is a way to reflect on the past year and project into the next year with a prompt a day for 31 days.  These prompts are meant to be answered in posts on personal blogs, and anyone can join in.

Blowing Out the Candles: You’re another year older!  How did you celebrate the passage of another year?  Did it turn out the way you had hoped?

“Blowing out the candles” was the prompt from December 6th, so as you can tell I am a bit behind. Truth is that I wasn’t sure I was going to participate or not, but I’ve realized that I can benefit from reflection.

On May 30th I turned 28 years old. Ek! It was a little scary, but at the same time it really wasn’t so bad.

The night of my birthday Alex took me to my favorite Mexican restaurant where we enjoyed fajitas, enchiladas, salsa, and of course margaritas! It was muy delicioso! The next day we ventured off to Walt Disney World (no surprise there) for a fulfilled day of park hoping.

I missed out on the whole “Disney experience” as a kid because my parents weren’t that into it and because we always had other vacation plans. Needless to say, I am making up for lost time now!

I wanted to meet the characters and have my pictures taken with as many as I could. And that’s exactly what we did. I met Goofy, Pluto, Donald, Daisy, Minnie, Chip and Dale. The wait times for Mickey Mouse were out of control. That evening Alex surprised me with dinner reservations at the Sci-Fi Drive In located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios (which will always be MGM to me).

My birthday turned out just perfectly. I got to leave all my garbage at home and enjoy a day experiencing the magic. And by magic I really mean not feeling like a 28 year old adult that has responsibilities and things.





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