There is Always Tomorrow and Possible Injury

As I sat writing my last post on Thursday night, I was determined to go for a run before work on Friday morning. My alarm was set to go off at 6am, just 35 minutes earlier than normal.

6am came, the alarm went off, and I just laid there. I didn’t get any sleep (up every hour and tossing and turning all night) and the only thing on my mind was getting through the work day. By the time I got to work I was already kicking myself in the butt for missing that opportunity to run.  Work got stressful in a hurry and I kept saying to my coworker how much I wish I would have run.

By the third or fourth time that I mentioned my displeasure she chimed in and said “there is always tomorrow”.

There is always tomorrow?

There is always tomorrow to run an errand.
There is always tomorrow to do laundry.
There is always tomorrow to wash the car.
There is always tomorrow to do a lot of things in life.

But is there always tomorrow to go for a run?

For the rest of our shift I pondered her statement. In the past it would have been no big thing. The truth is that working out is a very slippery slope for me. If I don’t stay on plan 100% then I start to slip. Just like anything else that is hard in life, I (we all) need to stay 100% committed. When I tell myself “there is always tomorrow” that is when I start to fail.

I was so upset with myself all day that I decided to run later that evening. But then something else started to happen. A pain was developing in my left foot and it was more than just an ache. I knew if I didn’t run when I got home then I would have to wait until today (Saturday) because Alex and I had a date night planned.

I skipped the run all together on Friday with the thought “there is always tomorrow” burning in my head. It’s probably a good thing I did because by the end of our evening I was struggling to walk. The pain in my heel was so sharp and constant that I started walking with a limp.

Now it’s Saturday morning and I still haven’t gone for a run. Before Alex went to work this morning he made me promise I would R.I.C.E it because it hurt just walking to the bathroom. He also made me promise not to run.

So I wrapped my foot for heel pain with KT Tape


And now I am practicing the R.I.C.E thing, hanging out with this cute girl, and watching college football (Go NOLES!) until Alex gets off work.

photo 2

I know it’s probably best that I nurse this “problem” until it goes away or I learn what I wrong. I don’t want this to be the beginning of a slope. I want to be consistent, but I also know I need to be injury free. Monday I will call the doctor.


3 thoughts on “There is Always Tomorrow and Possible Injury

  1. SG

    Sounds like Plantar Faciitis. I’m battling it right now (flares up every so often). It takes time to go away when it rears it’s ugly, painful face. I went to the doc last week and she suggested foam rolling the calf of the same leg, icing the heel, and wearing some type of compression sleeve or PF splint at night. I bought mine from Feetures and it’s helped SO much!

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