I Ran In The Rain!

I did it! I finally did it!

I got up off my butt and did some cardio! And it was raining! (Which is only a big deal because normally I would have used the current weather as an excuse not to go.)

This might sound crazy (but here’s my number), I feel like I was bitten with a running bug. For the last few days I just wanted to lace up and hit the road. Yesterday I finally did!

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Since it was my first “run” in several months I decided on doing 1 mile in intervals. I picked 2 minute walk and 1 minute run. It was perfect. The first couple intervals were nice and easy, but at the mid way point I started to feel my legs get heavy and my breathing deepened. I pushed through and kept going as planned. I felt GREAT!

I was running through the rain! No big deal.

I am not new to running but it has never been something I’ve done consistently. This time I feel different. I feel differently about myself and differently about my run. I feel proud. I feel victorious. I know it was only one outing, and I still have a long road ahead of me, but for once I feel like I may actually become the runner I’ve always wanted to be. Those half marathons I want to run so badly actually seem possible.

Don’t get me wrong. I always knew being a “runner” was possible for me, but I never had the heart or determination to peruse it with any type of consistency.

So how does one run change someone?

I am not sure I have a good answer yet. A few days back I knew I wanted to go run, but I didn’t. I had a bunch of excuses and the rain was one of them. Then yesterday I had a similar feeling of want. Perhaps it was more like a sense of need. I could have made another excuse because it was raining again, but I didn’t. I made a plan, laced up my shoes, and went out the door. I feel like I need to do it again. In fact, I want to!

My alarm will go off at 6am this morning (Friday) and before I even get ready for work I will lace up those shoes and hit the road. Even if its only one mile, for 15 or 16 minutes, its okay because I am getting out the door.

Yesterday was the first day. I am not signing up for any races, or taking on any challenges. I am focusing on ONE.DAY.AT.A.TIME. Consistency will be the key and next week I’ll see how it’s going.

Happy Friday! And be well, my friends!

Oh, and will someone check in on me to see if I went for that run? Twitter: @Sabrina_Alex
Or just comment here and I will respond. Accountability is a good thing and I can do that for you too!


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