Our Disney Vacation (October 2013)

A month ago to the day Alex and I began our great Disney vacation. It was great solely because I was with him and we weren’t at work or home. Sweet relief!

With all the headaches from my computer I have been way behind on blogging and thus behind on getting this post up. For those of you who actually want to read it, and care, I am sorry!

Let’s get to it! I am going to condense our four-day vacation into this one post because otherwise I could go on forever, I’m sure!

Day 1:


Bright and early on Sunday, October 20th we headed over to the Walt Disney World Resort. We had breakfast reservations at The Wave in the Contemporary Resort to kick things off. It is one of the smaller buffets we have visited at Disney, but it was top-notch! All our favorites including a variety of eggs, fruits, and pastries. It was the perfect way to start the day.

Next we headed to the All-Star Movies Resort where we checked in for our 4 day, 3 night stay. When booking the hotel I picked the 101 Dalmatian themed building. Puppy cuteness was everywhere!

Next we hopped on a bus over to Hollywood Studios (it will always be MGM to me) where we had fast passes for Tower of Terror and Toy Story Mania. Without a doubt, Toy Story Mania is currently my favorite ride in all of Disney.

By mid afternoon we had to make our way over to EPCOT. I bought (and surprised) Alex with reservations to a culinary demonstration. Theme: Cheese! His favorite. Chef Alex Seidel from Fruition Farms and Restaurant in Denver, Colorado gave an excellent (and tasty!) demonstration. He showed us how to make homemade Ricotta cheese then paired it with tomatoes, prosciutto, and wine! We were both quiet satisfied.

Day 2:


I woke up Monday morning ready to go! Alex wasn’t so enthusiastic about the early wake up call!

We headed to Animal Kingdom and the first thing on our agenda was the African safari. We’ve been on this safari at least a dozen times, but this was by far the best! Our driver was entertaining and the animals were out in full force. Many were closer than I have ever seen before. It was awesome! We also had fast passes for the Expedition Everest (a rollercoaster) and Kali River Rapids, which we got a little wet on, but it was welcome because of how hot it was.

Once we were done at Animal Kingdom we headed over to EPCOT to meet up with Alex’s parents. They were partaking in the Food and Wine Festival (this will have it’s own post later this week). We wandered around the world for a few hours before heading over to the Magic Kingdom for dinner. Dinner of choice: Pecos Bill for a Taco Salad. They give you the shell with Taco meat and you get to load it up at the toppings bar! It’s fantastic. Once dinner was done it was time to hit the rides. All the mountains, of course! Space, Thunder, and Splash!

Day 3:


By day 3 we were whipped so we scrubbed all our previous plans took it easy. We slept in before heading to Old Key West Resort for breakfast at Olivia’s cafe. Once again, another top-notch meal. Alex had Crab Cake Eggs Benedict and I had a ham, onion, and bell pepper omelet. Both meals came with the BEST cheesy potatoes I had ever had! Once our bellies were stuffed we did some shopping and lounging. We had tickets to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party later in the evening so we opted to stay out of the parks during the day.

Late afternoon we drove over to the Polynesian Resort to enjoy a drink and appetizers before heading into the Magic Kingdom for the Halloween Party. At the Tambu Lounge I ordered a Lapu Lapu (a mixed drink served inside a hallowed out pineapple) and we split honey-coriander wings.  Then it was time to get into the Halloween spirit.

When you enter Magic Kingdom you get a wrist band (so they know you have a ticket to the party)  and a trick or treat bag. You can’t go wrong trick or treating around the Magic Kingdom. But the end of the night we had two FULL bags of candy. Disney does everything right. There was a special Halloween parade and fireworks show too! I am so glad we spent the extra money to go to the party. It was a great time and well worth it!

Day 4:


Our final day. Neither of us were ready to go home and was particularly sad that is all went by so quickly. A friend of ours recommended that we try Boma in the Animal Kingdom lodge for breakfast. So at the last-minute we were able to snag a reservation and I am so thankful we did! Not only was the buffet a spread of traditional foods but a variety of African flavors as well. All the unique options left us wanting more, but we couldn’t eat all they had to offer.

After breakfast we set out to explore the Animal Kingdom lodge. It is located near the Animal Kingdom park and has great views of the Savanna. Most rooms at this resort overlook the savanna and you can easily watch the animal wandering throughout the day. It’s really neat! I wouldn’t mind waking up to a Giraffe outside my room!

Just like that vacation was over and it was time to head home. I said good-bye to every Disney park and hotel as we passed it. I am so thankful we had the opportunity to get away and spend quality time together. With the busy holiday season upon us, I am already wanting to plan our next vacation!


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