A Few Words From My iPhone

The last few weeks have not been as planned. I am trying to roll with the punches (literally) but I am the kind of girl who likes to have a plan!

The lack of a fully functional laptop is killing me (slowly)! It’s 10 years old and I finally figured out that the internal internet thing (proper terminology is not my forte) is basically fried. Which means connecting to the wireless network at home or anywhere is extremely challenging. Do I really want to replace the part? Or should I just upgrade to a whole new computer? I am leaning towards upgrading and a large part of me is leaning towards a tablet of some sort. I need to do some research.

For now, the only way I am connected to the inter-webs and social media is through my iPhone. Which is perfectly fine, except when I want to blog. I’d much rather have a bigger screen and full keyboard to work with.

So pardon the sporadic posts, please, as I am posting from the confines of my iPhone.  I have a few blogs drafted in Live Writer (the program I use on my laptop to compose blogs before sending them to WordPress to publish) that I would like to get scheduled to post this week. It’s my day off so hopefully I can make that happen.

Do you have a preference? Laptop or Tablet?

Be well, friends!


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