Two Problems and Hot Cocoa


I’ve spent most of the day lounging around and drinking hot cocoa. Not because it’s cold out, but because it’s one of those days.

My computer crashed late Sunday evening which lead to me posting a backup post yesterday.

Well, today has been no better.

Problem #1:

My laptop will not connect to the internet. I’ve tried just about everything. short of throwing it out the window.

The poor thing is ten years old. It about time I just replace upgrade it. I am hoping to hold out for a good holiday deal, but we shall see how long I last sans laptop.

Problem #2:

And this is the real problem. During a friendly round of miniature golf on Saturday evening, I hit my head. The hole was played inside a cave that was going under a waterfall. It was dark, my ball was in a corner, and bam! My head collided with a cave wall. It gave me am instant headache. Here I am, almost three (3!) full days later and that same headache is still lingering.

I’ve talked to the nurse and I am doing everything I am supposed to. I have no signs or symptoms of a concussion, but the headache lives on. Tomorrow is my cut off day. If I don’t feel better I’ll be making a trip to the doctors office or hospital.

I just ran out of milk. I guess that means no more cocoa today. *sighs* This could be the onset of problem #3.

To end this on a positive note. I crawled into bed last night at 9:15pm (which is unheard of) and I didn’t arise until almost 10am (also unheard of). I’ve just been so exhausted lately. But boy, I sure feel refreshed today.


2 thoughts on “Two Problems and Hot Cocoa

  1. Sarah

    I hope your headache stops.. I had a friend that had Post Concussion Syndrome (I think that’s what it was called).. She can’t do certain things for a while.. 😦 And I can’t imagine being without my laptop.. Hope you figure that all out soon.. Now I want some cocoa.. lol


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