Where Did My Sweet Tooth Go?

Let me be real honest here. I’ve had a sweet tooth for as long as I can remember. There’s no dessert I don’t like as long as the main ingredient is sugar.

In fact, I often give Alex looks of disbelief when he says that something was TOO sweet. Really, how could something be too sweet? It just isn’t possible. Or is it?

sweet tooth

Like most days we had a few errands to run yesterday. Shortly after leaving the house I declared that I wanted a cupcake. Before heading home we stopped at a small local shop to pick up a few to share.

After dinner I picked out the cupcake I would enjoy as dessert. It didn’t take long, but a few bites in I put down my fork in disbelief. The cupcake was too sweet! TOO SWEET! My taste buds must be playing tricks on me.

I threw the cupcake into the trash but it was never that far from my mind. A few times throughout the night I thought about going back and picking out a different cupcake to eat, but something always stopped me. This got me thinking.

Other than a small Pumpkin milkshake a few nights ago, I really haven’t indulged in dessert.
There has been a container of pumpkin ice cream in my freezer for two weeks now. It is still UNOPENED! Ice cream used to be a nightly treat for me, but I couldn’t tell you when that changed.  To be honest, I don’t have the slightest desire to open that container of pumpkin ice cream. (or any ice cream)

A single bite from a chocolate bar, a few M&M’s, and less sugar in my daily coffee are the new norm for me. I am realizing that even my grocery shopping habits have changed. No more chocolate milk or sugar filled cereals. I often skip the treats all together. Applesauce is now the “no sugar added” variety. I am sure there are many more examples if I wanted to keep going.

Good golly! Where did my sweet tooth go? I don’t know when it started or what caused the change but it happened, and my sweet tooth is virtually non-existent. It happened so seamlessly that I never even noticed until today.

Life just kept going even as my sweet tooth was diminishing. Right now I am still processing these realizations. I want to be sad, but I suppose it’s a good thing. I never needed all that sugar anyways.


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