Life Lately and Small Goals


One word that sums up my life as of late.

It’s been stressful at work because of policy, politics, and new management.
It’s been stressful in my personal life because of my relationship with my mom.
It’s been stressful in general because I am trying to make a lot of personal changes.


Unfortunately, that also means eating. Stress is a huge trigger for me. I’ve been hungry all the time and literally feel like I could eat non stop. To make it worse, I’ve been eating crap. No real surprise there.

Other than the various stresses in my life, here is what I’ve been up to:

— Eating. More eating. And a lot of eating out.
— Vacation planning for October; it’s quite obvious that I am over due for one.
— Exploring new career options and educational opportunities.
— I have 265 unread blogs in BlogLovin. Sorry, friends.
— My heel has been killing me. I think it’s time to make a doctor’s appointment.
— Trips to Disney and renewing our annual pass. So worth it. So many memories.
— I’ve reacquired my addiction for Pinterest.
— Enjoying the return of pumpkin, football, and… hoping for fall like weather too!


This week is all about getting back to basics of eating and working out.
I feel fluffy, sluggish, and even a little bloated. I hate it!

This weeks small goals are much like every other week.
— Hydrate with water, a lot of water.
— Cut the sugar.
— Fruits and veggies.
— Find balance between cardio and strength.

Basically, I need work on not allowing stress and emotions dictate what I eat/drink and if I workout. Clean eating needs to become a priority. I need to make lifestyle changes.


3 thoughts on “Life Lately and Small Goals

  1. Kristi

    I think it’s great to set small goals for yourself. One of your goals is to cut sugar. Do you want to cut sugar altogether? Cut back on sugar? I would say make that even a smaller goal. Maybe, start with a smaller goal. If you have a sweet tooth try to limit your sweets. If you eat a few sweets a day, maybe try to cut back to one. I think it might be more manageable than trying to quit sugar altogether which would be impossible for me.

    1. Sabrina Post author

      I guess I should have been more specific. I need to cut back on my sugar in take. Lately it comes in the form of sodas, treats, whatever I can get my hands on. When I stress eat I tend to eat sugary things.

      Great catch and suggestion! Thanks!! 🙂

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