Just a Few Things

It’s been a few days since I’ve checked in, but my laptop is still on the fritz. I have my iPhone which I am using to do most things and to keep up with all things social media, but it is becoming increasingly inconvenient not to have a functional laptop. I feel very disconnected. This has not been one of those times where I willingly choose to shut down technology and put away social media.

I currently have 86 unread blogs, and that’s a low number because I skimmed through about 40 or 50 this morning.

On Tuesday Alex took me out to look at laptops, but I have no idea what I want or need. It’s been 8+ years since I have shopped for a laptop. There has been A LOT of changes in technology. Plus, there is a high possibility of me going back to school (again) and I need to take that into consideration when shopping for the best deal.

AH! If you have any recommendations, I am all ears!

Anyways, I weighed in yesterday and was at 212.8. That is a gain of a pound from the previous week, but I am not all to concerned. It’s going to happen. I just need to focus on making the best choices I can in any given moment.

Other than that there isn’t too much to report. I don’t have any Small Goals that I am focusing on this week because I have a lot of BIG goals I am working on. I’ve been busy doing my research and giving those the attention they need. I’ll report on them when I have everything sorted out.

I hope y’all will continue to hang with me.


3 thoughts on “Just a Few Things

  1. Brenna Q (@NurseBrennaQ)

    Have you considered a mac? Got a macbook a few years ago when starting grad school.. was so nervous to make the switch as i had been a PC user for years. no complaints 3 years in! pricier than other laptops, sure, but way less hassle, much more friendly interface!


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