Striving for Balance (Weigh In)

I’ve been thinking about my blog, the writing, and some of the posts for some time now. Last week I posted THIS blog and my mind has been spinning ever since. I wrote that post to clarify something things about why I am counting calories. But I added on two variations of a recipe that I made with my niece. Those recipes were not the recipes that a girl whom is striving to write a healthy living blog should write or publish. So why did I?

Well, in one word: Balance! 

That was a real life event. I made those treats with my niece because that was her wish. Some people might be saying that I should teach her healthy habits and lead by example. My answer to that is: her parents (my brother) do that on a daily basis already. They live a very healthy and active lifestyle, but also know how to balance out the simple pleasures and indulgences in life.

My niece is eleven years old now and it seems like yesterday that she was born. I want to cherish these moments with her. I want to bake sweet treats. I want to build memories, even if it means making a less than healthy treat.

So we made our less than healthy treats and there were 16 crescent rolls in total when we were done. Did I over indulge? Nope. I had one treat and I was satisfied with that. My niece and nephew took some home with them, my dad saved some for himself, and Alex took some home with him. Spread the love and everyone wins.

Finding balance in life doesn’t necessarily mean over indulgence. Although, for me, sometimes it still does. I walk a fine line and sometimes I fall to temptations. I am human.

I am striving to find the right balance in my life and its a challenge at times, but I’ve got to keep plucking away at it.  That’s my only choice.

Proof of finding balance comes in my weekly weigh ins!

Starting Weight (January 2nd): 221.0
Previous Weeks Weight: 213.0
Current Weeks Weight: 211.8
Total (from start): – 9.2 pounds

With that, I know I am making progress and moving in the right direction.

And for that, I am proud!


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