Counting Calories… again. (Weigh In)

The past week since I have rejoined My Fitness Pal has been a rather eye-opening.

Check out this graph! Yikes!



For periods during this journey I have counted calories on and off. To be honest, I didn’t always think I needed  to count calories.

For most of the summer I ate without care or worry and it was after my visit with the doctor last week that I realized I’ve maintained the same weight for most of the summer. Sure, at the surface that may appear to be a good thing, but in reality, it’s not. I’ve been pumping my body full of less than healthy foods and backing it up with little to no exercise.

So how do I explain maintenance? Well, I believe my job has a lot to do with it. Yes, my job. Four days a week of butt busting work for 5-6 hours at a time. No, that’s still no excuse for poor eating and lack of regular exercise. I know the combination of hard work but poor eating doesn’t equal weight loss.

Looking at that graph, you can see I’ve been over my goal almost every day, but it’s not just about being over a goal. It’s about what I am feeding my body, too. Counting the calories, listing the foods, and seeing my choices listed out is teaching me that I can do better. I know how to do better.

I am counting calories… again. Teaching myself better habits and building on what I already know.

You can find me on My Fitness Pal HERE.

Starting Weight (January 2nd): 221.0
Previous Weeks Weight: 214.4
Current Weeks Weight: 213.0
Total (from start): – 8.0 pounds


3 thoughts on “Counting Calories… again. (Weigh In)

    1. Sabrina Post author

      I’m not necessarily using 1200 as my baseline. For me, it’s closer to 1400-1500. But I know I need to be closer to 1200-1300 to lose weight when I’m not working out. That’s just been the way my body works. However, while counting calories this week I’ve noticed what kinds of food I’m eating. Eating 1500 calories a day would be OK if it was a healthy 1500 and loaded with fruits, veggies, and healthy proteins.

      1. Lynsey

        Oh! Good. I just remembered from a few posts ago you said something about your dr apt and 1200 cal goal. That’s the bare minimum and you never wanna start there. You know you though!


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