Meeting My New Doctor (Weigh-In)

Just a quick update from my cell phone.

I just met my new primary physician. And well, she is blunt! After a quick introduction she jumped right into a conversation about my weight, diet, and exercise.

Starting Weight (January 2nd): 221.0
Previous Weeks Weight: 211.6
Current Weeks Weight: 214.4
Total (from start): – 6.6 pounds

She said she would like me to lose about 80 pounds in the next year. Her game plan has me eating 1200 on days that I don’t workout and 1400-1600 on days that I do.

Yeah, I’d love to weigh 135 pounds too, but I know it won’t happen over night. Slow and steady wins the race.

On Friday I have to fast and do some blood work to check my thyroid, for a gluten allergy, and a few other things. Lets see if that shows anything alarming.

Anyways, it was a decent first visit. She lacked some bedside compassion, but I could tell she means well with her concern. I’ll see how things go at my next appointment.

And! I’ve rejoined MyFitnessPal MyFitnessPal. My user name is Sabrina_Alex. Come find me!!


2 thoughts on “Meeting My New Doctor (Weigh-In)

  1. Brenna Q (@NurseBrennaQ)

    Fortunately, it sounds like your new MD doesn’t expect it to happen overnight either! I’m sure she is a competent physician, however, the numbers PCPs throw out for calories or anything nutrition related are arbitrary. I wonder if she would mind referring you to a nutritionist?

    I hope you share tips and tricks for accommodating the decrease in intake!


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