Mental Health Days and Silver Linings

Yesterday I called out of work on the note of a mental health day. This week I had no days off and most shifts were unusually strenuous. In retail we are approaching the time of year when everything is geared for Back to School and we are prepping for the transition to fall/seasonal. Needless to say it’s not the easiest time of year and this week just overwhelmed me beyond belief.

Let me tell you, a mental health day was just what I needed. I spent some quiet time with Alex, we talked about important topics, and took a much-needed nap.

One important topic of conversation was work. Lately I have felt “stuck” in my job. I feel like I am not growing or learning anymore. After 10 years in retail it may be time for a change. There are a lot of other contributing factors too and in many ways I feel like I’ve already “checked out”, so to speak.

This lead to another conversation about our career goals, personal goals, and where we want to be living as we pursue them. I can tell you that it isn’t where we are living now. A move is definitely in our future, but only time (and God) will tell how soon.

Truth is, I’ve already began applying for some jobs. Even a few out-of-state. Hopefully I’ll get an interview or two set for next week. The ball is in motion, my friends!

Silver Linings

I’ve always been a positive and bubbly person. The people closest to me would agree. Lately it’s been a different story and maybe some of that stems from what I mentioned above. Thankfully, Alex has been my sunshine on the rainy days and has really helped me find the silver linings when all I can see is the negative.

I’ve got a guy who loves and picks me up from work with flowers even though our anniversary plans went astray.


I can indulge in a cupcake, and still save half for later.


I get puppy kisses every day! And sometimes from two puppies!


photo (7)

And these two graphics.

photo 1 photo 2


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