When I Think About Working Out

Today I am feeling a little off. I woke up feeling crabby and sad. Although I am not sure what about. Sometimes I still have days of lingering emotions and feelings of depression. In every dark cloud there is a silver lining so I just have to press on with the day and know it will get better again.

This post is about working out. Or a lack there of.

I’ve mentioned getting the itch to workout recently, but what I think about and what I actually do are very different scenarios.

When I think about working out I think about feeling strong and powerful. I think about the weeks and months of half marathon training. I think about my pulse racing and the sweat glistening over my body. The victory of finishing a race. The pride of getting stronger. I think about the accomplishments that come with all aspects of working out. I think about the joy I get from building a workout plan, checking it off, and growing from it. For me, what I think about reaches beyond my weight and what I stand to lose.

Despite all those positive thoughts, I still find myself battling a certain resistance to actually getting off my butt and complete a workout and feel the impact. There is a pre-existing, and long-standing, habit of making excuses and saying “tomorrow”. That, my friends, is what I do.

Since early in my adulthood I’ve never been good at maintaining a workout routine. I start and stop, hop on and off the wagon like it’s not even moving. There is a workout switch I need to find within myself, but I am struggling. I am afraid to start and then quit, if that makes any sense at all. I know, the first step (or workout) is always the hardest and that’s always been true for me.

How to start? Where to start? When to begin?

Those answers should all be easy. There should not be any excuses. I want to feel all the triumphs of a healthy workout regimen. So then why is it still so difficult?

Perhaps I’ll find the answers this week. Or a little inspiration will hit me in the face.

Getting off my butt and working up a sweat will be the first victory.


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