The Truth Is (with a Weigh-In)

Hi there, friends!

Maybe you noticed, or probably not, that Coffee With Sabrina was down for the last several days. Things are back in working order and I once again own the domain . That’s a good thing! I’ve got a lot of clean up and organization to do in this little space of mine, but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to publish this post.

In my last post I talked about Not Writing. Today I was going to post something I had written about Alex and I, but after some pondering I decided to put that blog on hold a bit longer.

The truth is…

— Alex and I are back together, but that’s not important right now.

— Since my last public weigh in (@ 203.8 on March 28th), I have gained back some of the weight lost and the scale is doing a fine job keeping track of that. 210.4 was today’s weigh in.

— While I am disappointed in the gain, I am still happy to be down from where I started at the beginning of the year (@221.0 on January 2nd).

— I feel like I have stalled in my job and my career, so I’m job hunting. I am also trying to find a way to balance school again. But this is another post all on it’s own.

— Lately I have had an itch for fitness. Maybe it comes from slowly putting my life back together?

— Sometimes that itch comes in the form of running. Rightfully so since Alex and I are planning to run a half in December. More on this later.

— It’s so darn hot and humid in Florida that outside activity could likely kill a person. So we’ve tossed around the idea of rejoining the gym, but always come back to needing to save money.

— Other times it comes in wanting to do/try CrossFit. That was one of my goals at the beginning of the year and I read so many crossFit loving blogs. Plus, my best friend recently bought a Groupon for a crossFit box local to her and attended her first class.

— Needless to say, I have done NOTHING to fix my fitness itch. No excuses. I can’t use the heat and humidity. Nor can I use the lack of a gym membership. I just gotta make it happen. I’ve got to make it happen!

— I am trying to find a new approach to eating and I am still sorting all that out. More on this later, too.

— Google reader will be a thing of the past come July 1st, I have moved to BlogLovin. You can follow me by using the button that’s off to the right in the side bar. Also, please leave me your blog so I make sure I add it to the list of Blogs I am Lovin!  😉

— One last truth. I am very sad I am missing out on the wonderful weekend that is FitBloggin. I can not wait to read everyone’s stories and see all the pictures!

Have a happy and healthy weekend!


3 thoughts on “The Truth Is (with a Weigh-In)

  1. mrsalexzan

    I so wish you had been at FitBloggin! I would have loved to meet you. Its supposed to be in Nashville or Austin next year, Nashville would be a lot easier for you so thats my vote! hehe! Can’t wait to hear/read more about whats been going on with you!!


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