3.13.2013 {Weigh In}

During this past week my appetite returned in small doses. I began to notice instances where I would crave a certain food or taste. I ate as much as I could, when I could. The bad part is there are a lot of foods I can tolerate anymore. At least the ones I used to love.

Last night for example: A friend brought me some get well cupcakes. I used to power through one in minutes without savoring the deliciousness of what I was eating. Last night, same cupcakes, two bites in and I had to put it away. It was way too sweet!

The same sort of thing happens with foods that are too fatty or greasy. One bite is enough to do me in and make me sick to my stomach. And carbs (I am supposed to avoid them all together) sit in my stomach like a ton of bricks, which does make me feel good either.

I am learning a new normal. My body can only tolerate so much and has put the brakes on. This whole process combined with weeks of feeling sick has altered the way I look at food. I am much more conscious of what I put into my body and when. Intuitive eating, perhaps? I guess it’s a good thing, really. I am just thankful that my appetite is finally coming around.

With that said, I didn’t have a drastic 4 or 5 pound loss this week. I still lost, but not because of a complete lack of food intake.

Starting Weight (January 2nd): 221.0
Previous Weeks Weight: 211.6
Current Weeks Weight: 209.6
Total (from start): – 11.4 pounds

That means I have lost a total of 11 pounds for the year, and almost 13 pounds since my initial Dr’s appointment 3 weeks ago.

Right now my health is sensitive. I deal with it one day at a time and just hope I make the right choices in the end.


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