Monday, A Good Start.

Hi friends!

Last week was rough, and the weekend was no better.

Last week I found myself in a sad, emotional, and vulnerable place. I felt myself slipping into a dark place that I am awfully familiar with. My world stops, time slows down, and I close myself off. There is nothing productive or healthy about this.

Love, kindness, and support pulled me back from the brink of darkness. This is a victory that I am thrilled to have!

Today, I am super happy it’s Monday and extremely thankful to be off from work until Thursday. Monday couldn’t have been any better and the week is off to a great, healthy start!

Today’s workout: Honestly, I didn’t want to workout. It was still feeling kind of blah, but I knew I had to do it. Somewhere, somehow I just decided to do it. It came in two parts: cardio and arms. Continuing the training I started last week and finished off with a short arm workout.
2-4 workout








Monday continued to be very productive after my workout.

Funny how workouts can do that to a person.

I did some small chores around the house before deciding to clean and spruce up my bathroom. Before there was clutter all over the counters, not a whole lot of organization, and containers/jars that weren’t being utilized.












The end result was a clean counter top and a bathroom that smelled like a delicious coffee shop.

I have a place to store cotton balls and q-tips. My make-up brushes are clean and stored in their own jar. Digging through a tote of lip glosses is a thing of the past, and the all in a jar for easy grab and go.











The containers in the top left picture were purchased a few years ago from Ikea, (similar) and now they hold cotton balls and q-tips. The jars are also from Ikea. They used to be candles (seen here).

You might notice there are coffee beans in those jars. Well, in all my surfing of Pinterest I have seen coffee beans used in many different decorative ways. Today I played with that idea.

I like feeling productive and knowing I am accomplishing something. So thank you, Monday, for being better than yesterday. This is all I can ask for.


3 thoughts on “Monday, A Good Start.

  1. Bella

    I’m so glad that today was a brighter day for you.
    I love the organization in the bathroom – looks great! I know I always feel so much better when things around me or neat and organized.


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