New and Quick {Weigh-In}

I am going to try something new to help with my accountability. I am going to post something healthy, or a good choice, from the day before. A daily round-up if you will. I don’t know what I am going to call it, or how it will evolve, but I am hopeful that it will serve a good purpose.

Breakfast yesterday: Strawberries and French Vanilla Granola (Target – Archer Farmers)


Workout yesterday: 30 Day Shred. Short but very effective.

IMG_20130125_145701 (1)


Starting Weight (January 2nd): 221.0
Previous Weeks Weight: 223.6
Current Weeks Weight: 220.2
Total (from start): –0.8 pounds

A week of eating right and working out has things moving in the right direction again!

If you haven’t already, check out yesterday’s post about a new race I am training for and my plan to get there! I could use any cross training suggestions y’all got for me!

But now I am going to get out of here, friends! Time to make the most of this beautiful day! Alex is here ALREADY! He surprised me and left Orlando extra early to arrive just as I was waking up!

Catch ya tomorrow! Winking smile


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