Climbing Everest

… Or maybe I’ll run it instead. The Expedition Everest Challenge, that is!


Well, I am taking a page out of ole Walt Disney’s book. I got back into the swing of things last week and it felt different from all the times before. Maybe because of the extra time on my hands, or the added stress, or just the need to do something right for once. Perhaps all three.

… or maybe because I have a new race to get ready for.

Last week I did a little running, rollerblading and shredding (30 Day Shred). Honestly, those workouts felt really GOOD. So yesterday I got busy piecing together a 14 week training plan based off one from runDisney’s favorite trainers, Jeff Galloway, that will lead me right up to race day!

Expedition Everest 5k Training

On the evening (10pm) of Saturday, May 4th, Disney will put on one of it’s coolest 5k’s: The Expedition Everest Challenge. From the runDisney website:

Take a run on the wild side and uncover the mystery of the clues!

Take a run on the wild side during the Expedition Everest Challenge, a thrill-packed, timed endurance event that combines a 5K adventure run through Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park with the challenge of a scavenger hunt. Your nighttime adventure starts in base camp where you’ll begin a journey along an obstacle strewn course. Then get set for all the excitement of a scavenger hunt in the spectacular setting of Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park. Complete the challenge and escape with a special edition Compass finisher medal.

How fun, right?!? And afterwards you can stay in the park with family, friends, and fellow runners to party until the wee hours of morning. The rides are open, the music is pumping, and the food is aplenty.

Since this is no ordinary 5k I need a plan to get me in better shape overall. I need stronger arms, core, and legs! Love it or hate it (but mostly hate it), I am going to have to cross train. And that’s where the plan above comes into play: 3 days run, 3 days cross train.

I am not really sure what my plan is for cross training. I mean, that’s never been something I focused on. So, for now, I’ll stick to the Shred and then I’ll take it from there. For all you cross trainers out there, I am open to suggestions!

With the right balance of running and cross training I’ll be able to beat Everest and all it’s challenges.


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