Internships and Separation

It’s a cloudy day with random spurts of rain sprinkles in my part of the sunshine state today. It’s ironic because my mood is much like the weather.

Back in the Fall I learned about the Disney College Program. I’ve mentioned it before. With all sorts of built up excitement I pushed Alex to apply with me. We did, we both passed the initial online interviews, and we both had one last phone interview before Disney handed out a final decision. Except I withdrew my application the night before my phone interview.

We waited on pins and needles for almost a month after Alex’s phone interview, but then we got the congratulatory email from Disney welcoming him to the program. My enthusiasm for him was bitter-sweet. I knew a move was going to be imminent and it wasn’t in the cards for us to move together. In fact, it was much cheaper for him to live in Disney dorms with all the amenities provided than for us to shell out the big bucks for a place of our own.

My emotions got the best of me and we had some very hard days. Every day was like a countdown until the day he would move in. With the holidays around the corner, all the days moved on super speed. Before I knew it January was here, his last days at work came, and the packing began. His last weekend at home was rough. I was so overcome with sadness that I could no longer see the good in his internship. Trust me, I know, there is A LOT of good that can come of this.

First off, he is working Quick Serve Food and Beverage. You walk up to a counter, order, take your food, and find a table. He could have worked as a culinary intern at a sit down restaurant , but we did not know of this program when he was enrolled in culinary classes – which is a requirement to be a culinary intern. So he is starting a level down, but he doesn’t mind. In fact, Disney is opening up TWO (2) Starbucks locations coming this summer and with all his experience working at Starbucks he may have a foot in the door when the time comes for them to open.

Second, he has been there a week and has already met some pretty neat people. Vice President of this, Executive Manager of that. That’s what an internship is all about, right? Meeting people and developing those connections. So, in that aspect he is well on his way.

And finally, this could be a lasting career or at least a career with more upward mobility than what he was getting with his previous employers. He can always do the culinary internship program once this program ends on August 9th. Worst case? It’s an awesome opportunity and is a kick ass thing to but on a resume.

Sadly, I don’t always remember those wonderful perks. Last Tuesday (1/22) was check in day. We met his roommates, moved him in, did a little shopping, then his parents and I said goodbye. For the first time in a while I managed not to cry, but I think it was because of all the on lookers.

Anyways, in the one week since we have lived in separate cities I have been in a rather gloomy place.  And “gloomy” is the polite way to put it. Saying I am sad would be an understatement. I miss him more than words can express. Since he has been gone I’ve been hearing a lot of: “it’s only 6 months”, “you are an hours drive apart”, or “it will make you stronger in the end”. In the first few days I was really fed up with it and the more I heard it the more sadness I felt. Well, I still feel. Even though those words are offered as comfort, my heart is aching and they don’t help to fill the void.

I still have a lot of insecurities about our separation. In NO WAY because of Alex, but because of myself. Because of my history and experiences. The months ahead will still be rough but I know one thing for sure – he’s the guy I want to be by my side forever! I just need time to adjust and thankfully I have an amazing guy to help me though it, even from an hour away! And we have BIG plans for the future. 2013 is going to be a great year for us. I just have to have some patience.

No matter how much I miss him, or how sad I am, I’ve been creating some great habits that I am really proud of!

Going to bed early!

AND! I am working out again! (More on this new workout schedule coming soon.)

I’ll end this on a happy note!

I love Skype dates with him!




skype date 2


5 thoughts on “Internships and Separation

  1. mrsalexzan

    Aww! Your skpying picture is so cute!
    Its a really good idea to immerse yourself in something like fitness and getting healthy. This past fall I had a miscarriage and I felt like I was dying on the inside but I just put all the emotional energy into working out and living the life I desperately wanted and it really helped to pull me out of the dark cloud I was in. I can also understand feeling so frustrated when people say those encouraging things like “it will make you stronger.” Im the exact same way!

  2. Lynsey Andal (@LynseyAndal29)

    Where is he doing QS? Do they move around or are they always in the same location? I’ve always wondered about that. Do you have plans in the near future to go visit?

    Great job on the workouts.

    You have my number, call me if you need to talk!

    1. Sabrina Post author

      He is in Magic Kingdom until Blizzard Beach reopens in March. Unless he goes to Starbucks, then he will move in May. At MK, EPCOT, and AK everyone is assigned an “area” based on their job. So at Magic Kingdom he is working Quick Serve in Frontier Land. One of his roommates is working Attractions over in Future World West — which is The Land and Nemo. Also, some people might move around from park to park if that is their job description.

      No plans to visit just yet. I am working every weekend for the next month it seems, but he is coming home tomorrow!

  3. handimouse

    I know the pain you are feeling! When my husband and I were “dating”, he lived in Louisiana and I lived in Oklahoma. The best day of the week? Saturday night when we had a telephone date! I know you don’t want to be told that you are lucky, but when we were going through this there was not such thing as Skype, text messages, Facebook, e-mails or the like. I won’t lie to you — it wasn’t easy. In fact it was horrible. For more than four years I tried, unsuccessfully, to find a job near him in Louisiana. I finally moved with no job and no place to live. But I had his love and support! In spite of the distance, our relationship survived and strengthened. In January we celebrated our 24th anniversary! Hang in there — you two will find a way … Good luck!

  4. lauravirginia

    Aw, sorry you’re having to do the long distance thing, I know that’s no fun. Jonathan and I dated long distance for a year and when people asked how far apart we were (3 hours) they always responded with, “Oh, that’s not that bad!” I hated when people would say that because in my mind 3 hours might as well have been 30 hours! That being said, I did the Disney thing while I was in college and it was a blast!


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