Friday Five {1.25.2013}

— Alex moved into his new apartment on Tuesday. I am really tired of people saying “its only 6 months”, “at least you can visit”, or “it will make you stronger”. Yeah, that’s nice. I still not a fan of separation. The best comment was from Ali saying the sex will be better! 🙂

— I started a “Happiness Jar” on Wednesday. Each day that Alex is away for the internship I am going to find one thing that makes me happy, write it down, and drop it in the jar. I have all my days done so far, I just need to find a cute jar! I have to focus on the positive or I will go crazy.

— Speaking of focus, I have a list of things I want focus while he is away. From workouts to reading, to going to bed earlier and possibly begin work on a special project. I am now open to all workout and book suggestions!

— Oh! Speaking of workouts. I worked out Wednesday and today. Today I did Level 1 of the 30 Day Shred. It’s the first non running or rollerblading workout I’ve done in months (ok, maybe a year) and I am certain my arms and abs will hate me tomorrow. IMG_20130125_145701

— I may or may not have bought this shirt at work yesterday. IMG_20130124_142702

— Okay, let’s make this Friday Six! Alex’s mom just called. They are going to a local food truck war! I am going to join them! I’ve never been to one so I am really excited!

How was your week?!


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