Burgers and Bowling

Alex and I had one goal throughout this last week: to have as much fun enjoying the things we both love while still getting done the necessary pre-moving tasks and errands.

Yes, he is moving for his new internship (more on this later) and I am staying behind. We decided to   enjoy this week by hitting our favorite local spots and activities. Not because we will never get the chance again, but because we can’t remember the last time we went on a whim and some things were just long over due!

To kick things off: Burgers!

The Burger Place is a local joint with old-fashioned flare in Downtown Melbourne, Fl. It’s only been open for the last few years, but I’ve never actually eaten here. Alex was excited to take me and get to enjoy one of his favorite burger spots.

The burgers, buns, and fries are all fresh made inside their kitchen! Burgers are available to order in three different sizes: mini, regular, or maxi. Customize it with any of their available toppings and relax while they do the cooking! The Burger place also offers a chicken sandwich or salads for customers looking for something different.

I ordered a Regular burger with Provolone cheese, grilled onions, grilled peppers, and bacon.  I should have skipped the bacon, but it just looked too good to pass up. Alex and I also ordered a basket of fries to share. I could taste the quality of their ingredients! It was fresh, like something I would have made at home for dinner.


Alex did not disappoint with his choice in lunch spots, but after lunch it was time for us to get a little more active.


Sometimes we take bowling a little to seriously. I have my own shoes, and I was on a local league for a few years. Alex has his own customized ball and bag.

We had every intention of bowling just for fun, but things got competitive in a hurry. Alex posted a Facebook status cheering me on to break 100 during the next game. Challenge accepted!


It’s all fun and games until someone starts the smack talk. Sorry, Alex. Winking smile

At least he didn’t decide to take me putt-putt golfing. That never ends well for him.

Do you and your significant other have a competitive side? What’s it over?
We are also really competitive with our sports teams.
Yankees vs. Red Sox
Jets vs. Steelers


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