Marathon Weekend: Delicious Food!

Since posting my post Marathon Weekend Weigh-In, I can hit publish on this post without feeling dishonest about my weight.

Note: I don’t have pictures of everything I ate. Some restaurants had very dim lighting and other times I was caught up in the magic and didn’t take any pictures.

In order of events:

We arrived on Thursday and had early dinner reservations at Kouzzina, Cat Cora’s (Iron Chef), restaurant on Disney’s Boardwalk. Kouzzina features Greek and Mediterranean style food, and let me just say that it was out of this world! DELICIOUS! Alex and I both had the lasagna which had meat that was seasoned with cinnamon (yes, and it’s so good!), layered with béchamel sauce, pasta, topped with cheese, and baked. It was the perfect way to carb load for 3.1 miles. The desserts were no slouch either. I had the chocolate cake and berry gelato! The cake was rich and chocolate-y but the gelato served as a refreshing palate cleanser.












Following our 5k on Friday morning we had breakfast reservations at Chef Mickey’sI’ve blogged about Chef Mickey’s before, so I won’t bore you with the same old details of a buffet. It’s still just as delicious, and FUN!












Friday night we enjoyed a meal at ‘Ohana’s in the Polynesian Resort, which is just across the Seven Seas Lagoon from the Magic Kingdom! I didn’t get any pictures because it was to dark inside, so I’ll just have to tell you about it. ‘Ohana’s is a Hawaiian family style restaurant. Meaning they cook everything over an open oak grill and serve big platters to your table. And you can always order more of anything, even dessert! Essentially it is a buffet, but the food comes to you via wait staff.

My favorites were the honey chicken wings, noodles tossed in teriyaki sauce, and the bread pudding served with banana’s and caramel sauce. Words can not describe how delicious that dinner was, especially after doing 3.1 in the morning and all the walking through the parks that afternoon.

If you are lucky enough to dine at ‘Ohana’s for dinner and score a window seat, then you are in for quite a treat! Every evening the Magic Kingdom has a fireworks show and a window seat at ‘Ohana’s gives you a perfect vantage point! I’d never seen the fireworks from outside the park before, but this was beautiful!












On Saturday morning we had one final reservation and this time it was at Whispering Canyon Café, located in the Wilderness Lodge. This was the first time for me at this restaurant but I had heard a lot of rave reviews. First of all, it’s like a show. The wait staff all have their own “characters” they portray. It’s absolute hilarity from the moment you sit down until the moment you leave.  Don’t dare leave food on your plate, act up, or miss speak because you just might get put in jail.  (The server will bring jail bars to the table and sit them in front of you.) Luckily, no one at our table got out of line! Ha!  And if you ask for Ketchup, everyone in the restaurant will bring you a bottle off their table. It’s a hoot!

The food was amazing! Typical breakfast with an old western flare! I ordered a western omelet and it was quite possibly the best omelet I’ve ever had. They don’t skip on the fillings either. That two egg omelet was packed full of onions and peppers! I couldn’t even finish it all, let alone touch the breakfast potatoes that came with it. … Perhaps it was because we were enjoying the all-you-can-drink milkshakes! That’s right, all you can drink chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla. Order one of each if you’d like.











I have one last tasty treat to tell you about. Aloha Isle is one of my favorite treat stops inside the Magic Kingdom! No one has to ask me twice if I want some Dole Whip! So refreshing, and so darn good! I changed it up this time and ordered a Dole Whip Soft-serve Swirl: Orange and Vanilla. It was good, but I’ll stick with Pineapple from now on. They also make one heck of a Root Beer Float for those who like something a little less fruity.












Apologies for making anyone hungry. If you ever find yourself in Orlando for a Disney vacation, let me know! I’d love to play tour guide! And I’ll do it free of charge!

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