On Being Accountable {Weigh-In}

Today was supposed to be a light-hearted post with copious amounts of fun and food from Disney’s Marathon Weekend. It was planned, written, and ready to be published but then I stepped on the scale this morning. Looking down at that number I knew I couldn’t publish that post without talking about what I saw on the scale. It wouldn’t have been honest. If I had posted that blog today it would be evident what I was hiding.

Last week I didn’t hide the fact that the weekend would be a test. Some of you offered up some great advice and encouragement to help get me though. Nonetheless, I am completely human and I struggled when I faced the platters of food, trays of chocolate, and never-ending amounts of ice cream.

My thought process went like this:
“You just ran 3.1 miles.”
“Look how much walking you are doing.”
“And think about all those calories you’ve burned.”

I used food as a reward and I indulged way to much.

For a brief moment I considered ignoring this weeks weigh in all together. It’s what I did in the past because it was easier than owning up to the truth. This year I want to be better and in order to do that I need accountability, no matter how much it stings.

Starting Weight (January 2nd): 221.0
Previous Weeks Weight: 218.6
Current Weeks Weight: 223.6
Total: +2.6 pounds

This week is about keeping myself accountable. Somehow I will blend more accountability, activity, and daily eats into the blog without turning it into a “What I Ate…”.

Do people even want to know every time I work out? Or what I eat for every meal or snack? I guess that’s part of being accountable. Somehow I’ll find a balance that works for me.

Well, I might not have had a successful week on the scale, but I didn’t back out of this weeks weigh in. I am working on being accountable. I am working on being a better version of me.


2 thoughts on “On Being Accountable {Weigh-In}

  1. mrsalexzan

    I know exactly how this feels, but sometimes I find that after a weekend of “bad eating” it takes a few days for my body to get back to regular because of extra sodium and water weight. Don’t be too hard on yourself, I bet you find that you will have a great week next week. Personally I love seeing exactly what other eat everyday and what workouts they did! 🙂

  2. Bella

    I’m proud of you for not skipping this week’s weigh in. I’ve done that many times before, and for me, it was a cop out. Now I weigh in no matter what, and I always feel better having faced the music and moved on from it. I hope the same is true for you.

    I think your blog should be whatever you need it to be. So what if it’s a lot of “this is what I ate”?! If it helps you find success, great!


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