Weekend Bounce Back

Hi friends!

I am back from Walt Disney World and I have so much to share! From the Expo and 5k, Alex and I’s  18 month anniversary, delicious restaurants, a story of honor and victory, and all the other fun we had a long the way.

I have a hundred things to unpack, wash, put away and organize. Then I have even more pictures to upload, sort, and edit. I promise there will be a week full of posts, including a post vacation weigh in, but today I am going to allow myself to prepare for a new normal and ready myself for the coming week.

I hope you had a great weekend! Did you race? Tell me about it (or link to your recap)!


6 thoughts on “Weekend Bounce Back

  1. handimouse

    You’ve inspired me to start thinking about participating in a 5K … can’t run, body won’t let me, but I can walk … just have to be able to do a 15 minute mile … as soon as I’m cleared from surgery, I’m going to start trying to get the stamina to make a race next year …

    1. Sabrina Post author

      Yes! Go for it! Many local races don’t require a pace and you can sign up as a walker. The Disney 5k did list a 16 minute pace requirement but so many people were out there just to walk. It really was a “fun” run and I believe Disney is a lot more lax with their 5k’s. I hope to see you out there one day!

      1. handimouse

        I’ll be with the guy in the electric wheelchair! He’s not only my husband, but my race partner… probably about 15 years ago we walked the Crescent City Classic (10K) in New Orleans but haven’t done anything since … Since we’re Disney fans we thought that runDisney would be a great place to do another race and to start small … Look for us … We’d love to meet you … I’ll let you know which race we enter …


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