To Pack and Eat… {Weigh-In}

I am not feeling very wordy today. Maybe because I have so much to do today.
You are welcome!

Laundry and packing are consuming most of my day.
— A few outfits for dinners.
— Comfy clothes for the park.
— Outfit for the 5K. And other miscellaneous workout attire.
My Red Watch
— My running shoes. They were lost, but have been found! YAY
— Camera
— Bathing suit
— Extra towel
— Chargers and batteries for electronic devices.
— Race waiver
— Sunscreen!

I work later this afternoon and would like to have everything packed/organized before work. I
do have a few last-minute essentials to pick up.
— New deodorant. Don’t want to run out after running a 5K.
— KT Tape. For my foot and shin.
— Other travel size toiletries. Because I hate taking up room for the full-sized stuff.
— A case of water. Must stay hydrated and we can leave this in the hotel fridge.
— A running tank. Looking at the temperatures is making me not want to run in my regular running tee-shirt. Any suggestions that doesn’t require shipping?

This turned into more of a packing list for my benefit, but if you think I forgot anything, please add it in the comments!

Now, onto important business. This weeks weigh-in.

Starting Weight: 221.0
Previous Weight: 221
Current Weight: 218.6
Loss: –2.4
Total Lost: –2.4

This lost was slightly unexpected. I don’t think I ate as well as I could have, but I did workout. I will take it because this upcoming weekend will be quite the eating challenge. As I said yesterday, we have some exciting dining reservations for this weekend. I will want to try everything, but I will somehow need to limit myself from over indulgence. It’s going to be a HUGE test, especially since our Disney Dining plan comes WITH DESSERT! at each meal.

Please send good vibes…

Make healthy choices! I will be better today than I was yesterday!

I probably won’t post a blog again until Sunday evening or Monday morning so don’t forget to follow me on Twitter (@Sabrina_Alex) or Instagram (user name: Sabrina_Alex) throughout the weekend!


6 thoughts on “To Pack and Eat… {Weigh-In}

  1. mrsalexzan

    Woo! Check out Target, I always like the Champion workout gear. Plus you work there, so no extra stops lol! As for dessert my only suggestion would be the three bite rule. You take three normal sized bites, enjoy and savor those bites and leave the rest. I used to think its wasteful to leave food like that at a restaurant but now I’ve discovered it’s just as wasteful to put food that you don’t need into your body! Anyway! Have lots of fun!!!!

    1. Sabrina Post author

      I looked at our tanks yesterday and they are all so fitted. Ugh. I am just not sure. I was half tempted to try Old Navy first, but it’s so out of the way.

      Good call with the 3 bite rule! I never looked at it being wasteful just to eat it. WOW. Hmm..


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