Dull Mornings

Without needing to set an alarm for the next morning I usually fall into my big comfy bed sometime around midnight. Due to my work schedule, which typically starts mid-afternoon, there are some mornings that my feet don’t hit the floor until 9am. For now it’s a schedule that works for me, but it’s not ideal.

With this scenario I often find myself in limbo between breakfast and lunch. While 9am is still plenty early enough for breakfast, a lot of times I am already thinking about lunchtime possibilities. After wandering about my kitchen for 15-20 minutes I normally settle with a bowl of cereal and coffee, or fruit, orange juice, and coffee.

Welcome to my dull mornings.


Breakfast should be my best, most creative meal of the day. It’s when I have the most time and can put forth the effort of making something that’s not from a box. My usual eggs or pancakes aren’t cutting it, I don’t have ingredients to make recipes I find on the world wide web, and my kitchen has become a hopeless place.

Lack of preparation and meal planning have gotten me here. Am I really going want tomorrow (or in a few days) what I am craving today. Doubtful. But still possible. I just don’t know.

I am a blubbering mess lacking all breakfast time inspiration.

Perhaps I shouldn’t just make this about breakfast because if I was being honest I would say that I am lacking inspiration for all meal times. Despite being an active pinner on the worlds largest cookbook, I just don’t have any mojo in the kitchen right now. Instead of going through writers block, I am having chef’s block!?

Dinner has become a tough too one since I pack it to-go about 4 or 5 days out of the week. Which means I have to be extra diligent and plan ahead. By planning ahead I mean a frozen dinner.

Maybe this rut is a holiday hangover? I am not sure. I had better get the juices flowing again because I will either be really hungry or eating like crap . Neither of those options bode well for a healthy lifestyle and better me.

Let’s take this one meal at a time. What should I have for breakfast, I wonder?

One thought on “Dull Mornings

  1. Steph

    I have SUCH a hard time trying to figure out breakfast meals. Mostly because I don’t have much of a sweet tooth in the mornings and crave eggs and bacon and would rather sleep than get up and make them!


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