My 2013: Day One

We’ve set our goals and resolutions. Day one of 2013 is officially written in history.
How did we do?

For me, it wasn’t on par for what I had envisioned. I only ate two meals (one might have been at 10pm from a drive thru after work), only drank 10 ounces of water (in conjunction with other things), didn’t work out (only old habits to blame here), and was up way past midnight (I have a good excuse for this: I was watching my Florida State Seminoles win the Orange Bowl!).

My heavy eyes and a sleepy mind are plugging away at the keyboard while I sip from piping hot coffee from my Florida State Seminoles mug! This makes sense when I need to compose my thoughts.

January 1st is the new, clean, page at the beginning of a book (or blog). The page you stare at endlessly until you find the perfect words to write. The page that sets the tone for the whole book. The page that starts preparing you for the biggest (finest) moment.

I’ve had expectations of a story starting out blissfully with the words dancing off the page. Most great stories don’t start off with such perfection. I know my 2013 will be a great story, despite not writing a perfect first page.

I am still expanding my list of goals and personal markers I would like to reach this year. The beauty of 2013 is that my list can change, grow, and be adapted as my life changes. For this reason I won’t be publishing a detailed list on my blog. This year it’s personal. I will certainly share my successes, achievements, and struggles as they come about.

One thing I am going to Learn in 2013 is how to not give up when my story doesn’t always start off the way I planned. Heroines aren’t born until they fight a few battles. My first battle starts today and tomorrow I just want to be a little bit better.

Oh, I can share that Alex and I have decided to have a joint relationship resolution for 2013: to move in together. To have a place of our own that we can call “home”. Pretty exciting, huh? And I LOVE it!

How did 2013 start off for you? Did you set goals or resolutions?


3 thoughts on “My 2013: Day One

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