I Lost My Running Shoes {Weigh-In}

On a typical day off Alex and I often load up the car and make the hours drive to Walt Disney World. For us it’s an easy escape from our jobs, school, and other stressors.

Most day’s I lace up my running shoes and put on my comfiest clothes for the days adventures. Inevitably, I always pack a change of clothes that include a pair of flip-flops. Toward the end of the day my little toes start feeling very cramped from being stuck inside those shoes. My flip-flops provide a little relief after a full day of fun and walking.

Our last trip was no different. By mid-afternoon I ditched my Asics for a pair of flip-flops while driving from one park to the next. Unfortunately I left my trusty Asics in the back of Alex’s car upon our arrival home. I remember taking them out one night after work and throwing them on the bedroom floor. Now, a few weeks later, I can’t find my running shoes.

I wanted to run today, but I almost didn’t. It seems that I lost my running shoes! I’ve looked everywhere. I called Alex and asked him to double-check his car and house. Nothing!

Luckily I had enough determination to pound some pavement that I laced up my heavy Nike trail shoes and headed out the door. Not ideal, but I wasn’t going to let this mishap deter me now.

I did one mile with only my thoughts and My Red Watch.

Jan. 2

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… Maybe this is a sign that I can buy new running shoes? But I never can decide! I try on every pair in a shoe store or running store and leave more confused than when I went in. Too many choices!

Since I didn’t let a pair of shoes deter me from running, I figured I shouldn’t let the holiday’s deter me from having my first weigh in of 2013. I even took it one step further. Rather than just stepping on the scale to see a number I also took pictures! I’ve never done that before, and I won’t be posting them on the blog – except maybe as a Before/After.

First weigh in of 2013: 221.0


Eek! That’s a lofty number. As I said yesterday, 2013 isn’t about losing a certain number of pounds. It’s about being better, being healthier. I went for a run today and it’s more than I did yesterday, I believe I am already a little bit better.



7 thoughts on “I Lost My Running Shoes {Weigh-In}

  1. aneastcoastlife

    I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to pop in and say hello! We seem to have a ton of the same goals in mind and I’m looking forward to following you on your journey 🙂 Happy New Year!!

  2. Natalie @ Free Range Human

    I’m a wee bit jealous that you live so close to Disney! I think your attitude is so wonderful. I, too, have been thinking lately that every day is a chance to do better, and as long as you’re taking those steps forward, the numbers don’t matter!

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