Work-Shopping 2013

Happy 2013, friends!

Alex and I spent new years eve with my niece and nephew at Disney Quest. It was a 12+ hour adventure that ended with the 4 of us back at my parents house watching the ball drop. It was a perfect send off to 2012.

I am still exhausted from yesterday, but I need to hit publish on this post before I scurry on into work.

As I work-shopped 2012 I remembered that I am not very good at this goal setting/keeping thing. Don’t get me wrong, I have a notebook full of goals, achievements, and mile markers that I would like to reach. But perhaps in 2013 I should take a different approach.

2013 isn’t about running a certain distance, losing a certain amount of weight, or giving up certain foods. 2013 is about becoming a better version of myself in the next 365 days. Tomorrow I will be better than I was today.

I continue to write more ideas in my notebook, even as I write this blog, and three words keeping coming to the forefront of my mind.


Move. Move through exercise, and travel. Move forward in my career, education, and my relationships.

Learn. Learn by continuing my college education, reading more, exploring unknown places and things (to me), and through people I encounter every day.

Share. Share my time and talents through volunteer work and community service. Share on my blog and with my writing. Share more of my time and self with those I love and cherish.

This year isn’t the year to have a complicated list of goals or set myself up for failures and let-downs. 2013 is going to be about being better and focusing on those three little words.

Here’s to a happy, healthy year!


9 thoughts on “Work-Shopping 2013

  1. linnylenae

    YAY! Just keep working hard. Think about how far ahead you are already, especially from some poor old soul who just started. Hope you had fun at Disney and logged the running between rides into your miles ; )

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