This Week In Between

No long Christmas recap will be found here. I had a very nonchalant kind of day.

(That and I seem to be struggling to find my voice today, as this post has taken all day to prepare.)

For Christmas we only exchanged a few thoughtful gifts between ourselves, and among our families. More than anything, we wanted a quite day that we could spend with our families and away from the craziness our retail jobs. The first half of the day was with my family and the second half with Alex’s. By 9pm we said good-bye to Alex’s family and headed home to enjoy a movie and hot cocoa on the couch. We were both asleep by 10:30pm.

Party animals!

Earlier this month Alex and I went to Walt Disney World for a three-day, two night retreat. We knew our upcoming holiday schedules wouldn’t allow for much quite time, so we took advantage of a Christmas getaway while we could.

I never recapped this trip, but here are a few pictures.


Christmas is finally in my rear-view mirror and 2013 is clearly on the horizon. I couldn’t be more thankful. The week between is my time for decompression and this year I need it more than ever. I am sure I say this every year.

Every year I crave this week. The week between Christmas and New Years gives me time to reflect, clean, organize, and prepare. Hopefully I can squeeze in some window shopping without the pressures of picking out gifts and a workout without worrying about time constraints and obligations.

This is normally the time that I would try to reinvent myself or come up with unrealistic goals. Not for 2013. Not after the year I’ve had. In the upcoming year I want to focus on simple and clean. Today I took a different approach. I’ve spent my day relaxing on the couch, reading, writing, and watching trashy TV! Fortunately for me I had today (December 26th) off from work!

This week I want to focus on finding my calm after the storm.

How will you spend this week in between?

4 thoughts on “This Week In Between

  1. Ali Mc

    Ah, I love this approach to the new year 🙂 I’m so chill like that with my goals too! Why create so many. I fail at mine like it’s a job 😉 so making small simple goals is a much better approach for me !

    Glad you enjoyed the holiday Sabrina 🙂 have a nice reflection period. xo

  2. Amy @ Destroyingdeadends

    Thanks for your reply on my post! I was actually thinking about you this morning while I was getting ready for work. I think we have similar experiences in our struggles. I was also taking some time this morning to think about what’s going to happen in 2013 for me and what sorts of goals, if any, do I want to set. Sounds like a great post to set up this weekend! I’m still hoping I can make it down to FL this summer when my sorority has its annual national convention.

  3. Bella

    I’m with you in terms of not making a list of goals for 2013. I want to DO, rather than plan, you know?
    I’m with you about the cleaning! I’ve been doing each room, bit by bit, and I love the “fresh start” feeling that comes with it.


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