My Red Watch

It sits on my little red desk.

Can you tell I like red? Watch, desk, coffee pot, and there’s more!

I digress…

My red watch has been sitting idle on my little red desk for since I purchased it back at the beginning of October. For a kick-butt deal nonetheless! The red straps sit still against the desk top, the face remains unscathed and free of fingerprints, and the metal fasteners are still shining and new. I could package it back up and it would look just as it did the first day I brought it home.

It’s a shame really. I was so excited to buy it and even more eager to put it use. Truth is that I had high hopes for this red watch. This red object was going to change me.

I saw it playing out like this:

Each morning I would arise from my slumber and head to the kitchen for my morning coffee or Orange Juice. At some point during my morning route I would glance over towards my little red desk and see my red watch. I would be taken over by waves of motivation and suddenly each morning would begin with a sweat induced workout.

Unfortunately, things haven’t played out like that since purchasing said red watch. It’s almost comical that I put such high hopes and expectations in a watch.


It’s more than just a watch. It’s a Polar FT7 and I should be using it for it’s purpose, and today I will do just that!

Florida’s summer like temperatures have been replaced with a bit of Christmas chill. It’s the perfect day to lace up my running shoes for the actual act of running. This just might be the first time I will do so since my 10 Miler, which almost seems like ages ago.

On another note. Have I mentioned that I am signed up for another runDisney race? Yep! On January 11th, 2013, (which also happens to be Alex and I’s eighteen month anniversary) I am running the Family Fun Run 5k during Walt Disney World’s upcoming Marathon Weekend! Alex’s dad and brother signed up too. They said we inspired them when we ran the Tower of Terror 10 Miler. Of course, Alex is running too!

Well, I had better get running! Smile


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