Halloween and {Blog} Chores

Halloween and chores. Two things I never thought I would write in the same title!


Alex and I had both had to work last night. Boo hoo. So the extent of our Halloween fun was going to a pumpkin patch, picking out our very first pumpkin together, and carving it!

I am ever so grateful that we have had some gorgeous fall weather as of late which helped make Halloween feel like Halloween.

Pumpkin Collage


I love organization. I tend to be slightly OCD about it around the house, at work, with files on my computer, and on the blog.

It’s been a work in progress but I’ve been trying to catch up on some blog chores before I get whisked away in retail holiday madness.

The biggest project has been adding tags and categories to appropriate posts. Tag and Categorize your posts, friends! It makes life so much easier when trying to locate an old post – not just for the reader, but for yourself too.

A project with less hassle and a little more fun (creativity) was revamping the pages above my header. You can click directly on the page title, or hover over it to see a drop down menu. It’s an ongoing project and some pages have less content than others. I have some blogs drafted that are just waiting for the right time or a missing piece before they are published. Other spaces have room for new writings and adventures.

blog chores

To me, this feels a lot more organized and manageable but I would love some reader input too.

Another change I made is to the comments section. Previously I had it open so you (the readers) could comment almost freely, with the exception of name and maybe an email address. Over the past several weeks I have had a ton of traffic from Asian and Middle Eastern countries – double, almost triple, the visitors I was receiving from here is the good ole U S of A! With those visitors came an unruly amount of spam comments and emails.

Earlier this week I changed the comment set-up so you have to sign in to leave one – that’s the unfortunate part. Fortunately, it seems to have put a stop to all the spam and unwanted visitors.

**Let me be very clear – I welcome readers and visitors from all over the world! That’s the beauty of blogging. However, I DO NOT welcome spammers that leave comments or send emails regarding my ED problems (or lack there of since I am a GIRL), being a CEO of some unknown company, or any other junk.


Any suggestions on how to make the comment section more user-friendly: leave it in comments, email me, or Tweet at me!

There is a professional aspect to the hobby of blogging. It grows and changes as I do. However, I always want it to be my therapy. Writing therapy – fun, relaxing and for me.


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