Real Truths About My Health

And real reason why I am doing the Whole30 challenge.

This will be a little personal, but it’s the truth (as I know it) about my health.

I’ve been struggling with my health for a while and I am not just talking about my weight anymore. Within my body something just isn’t right.

Let my preface by saying that since I left my old job back in May I no longer have health insurance. However, that will change in about a month when I become eligible for benefits at my current job.

Just a few things I want to pinpoint today: My menstrual cycle is completely out of whack, I’m losing enough hair to make a coat for a child, and the pains I feel when my feel hit the floor every morning are sometimes unbearable.

That time of the month? I know, really personal. Maybe even awkward, but it’s been more like that time of the year. I’ve never been irregular and I’ve never been on birth control but something has changed and suddenly I am always on cycle. It doesn’t cause any pain or cramps, it’s just become an annoyance.

My hair, oh my hair. I swear I am going bald, but the lady who cuts my hair says there are no thin spots – just a lot of breakage. My hair is everywhere. All I have to do it touch it and it falls everywhere. I’ve tried all sorts of supplements from Biotin, other vitamins and even Iron. Long and gorgeous, my hair was always my best feature.

Aches and pains. Those have become a normal part of my mornings and some times my entire day. Some days are better than others, but every morning when I get out of bed the pain starts over again. It’s always in my feet and ankles and becomes less intense as my mornings progress. I also notice they return when I stand up after being seated for an extended amount of time. Sometimes more painful than in the mornings.

I hate what has become of my body. I hate all the negatives changes. Cause and effect from weight gain and poor eating, I am sure.

This has led me to Whole30 and the Whole 9 Life. After reading, and studying, It Starts With Food I can truly understand the consequences of food and appreciate the benefits of food too.

While I am waiting for my insurance to take effect I don’t just want to sit idle and let my health hang in balance. I want to control what I can and make healthy changes.

I don’t expect to be cured and I know I need to visit my Doctor as soon as I am eligible  I just expect to be better than I was before and I one way or another, I will be.


6 thoughts on “Real Truths About My Health

  1. Aimee

    I really admire your honesty Sabrina. I hope you are able to see a doctor very soon. I do believe that a healthier diet can rectify many health problems.

  2. Liz

    I hope you can see the doctor soon! I’m glad the insurance kicks in! I do think eating effects our health in huge ways though so hopefully that is a great help.

  3. Bella

    I’m glad you’ll be seeing a doctor soon, too. It’s great that you’re taking an active role in trying to be more healthy through better choices in your eating. The pain in your feet/ankles sounds an awful lot like what I’m dealing with with the plantar fasciitis. While you’re waiting for your appt, you might look up the stretches recommended for PF, because they won’t hurt, and they just might help. They’ve been really helpful for me. Keep us updated!

    1. Sabrina Post author

      I’ve had PF before! Sucks! And I do think this has something to do with it. In the mean time, November and health insurance can’t come soon enough!

  4. Michelle

    I have some similar complaints. I take 5,000mg of Vitamin D3 to combat tiredness and lack of energy. I take a Super B Complex to help with metabolism, energy and hair/nails. I take a glucosamine/controdintin tab for arthrtis in my knees and my TMJ issues. Calcium because I don’t get enough and need it.

    1. Sabrina Post author

      I have taken glucosamine/controdintin from time to time. Super B Complex. Never looked into that one! Thanks for the idea!


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