Wolfgang Puck Express

Saturday afternoon (September 29th, 2012) Alex and I headed out in search of a pre-race lunch. I’ve always been a fan of Wolfgang Puck and I’ve been looking for a reason to try out his restaurant in Downtown Disney.

At Downtown Disney, Wolfgang Puck offers an Express quick serve, a Café, and a Dining Room. Express is quick serve (order at the counter) with a small/limited menu. The café has more options, including sushi. And the Dining room is a sit down, order by wait staff, with all of Wolfgang’s signature dishes.

After scouting the menus we found something that was healthy and reasonably priced at Wolfgang Puck Express.

I opted with the Warm Roasted Turkey Sandwich with Cheddar, arugula, caramelized onions, port wine sauce, and horseradish cream. One the side was baked Sweet Potato chips. DELICIOUS! This was probably the best sandwich I’ve ever had on Disney property!


Alex chose the Pesto Chicken Salad Sandwich with romaine, red onions, and plum tomatoes. His sandwich also came with a side of the baked Sweet Potato chips. He was quite satisfied with his choice as well and after one bite I could taste why. The pesto was on point! And the bread it was served in, TO.DIE.FOR!


For “dessert” I got a fresh fruit cup and Alex decided on a parfait.


One thing I know for sure, we will be eating at Wolfgang Puck again and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a lighter or healthier meal while at Disney!


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