ToT Weekend: RACE DAY!

I believe this is the post that most of you have been waiting for. Race day!

After the first two days of fun and excitement this was going to be the day for us to relax. After all, the race didn’t start until 10:30pm so conserving energy and staying off our feet was a top priority. I felt calm, cool, and ready — I must credit Alex for keeping me sane.


Everyone woke up and was out the door for breakfast by 7:45am. This time we dined at Cape May at Disney’s Beach Club Resort. Cape May does a breakfast buffet, similar to Chef Mickey’s, and a seafood dinner buffet.

I didn’t eat much besides toast and fruit, so a restaurant review won’t be practical here. However, I can tell you that my fruit was all very fresh and juicy. Top notch, Disney!

After breakfast we went to visit a very cute dog. Alex’s family board their dog, Peanut, at Best Friends Kennel which is on Disney property. She loves it there. Play groups, grooming & nail painting, ice cream social, and a water play yard. Yeah, rough life being a puppy at Disney.


Next up: Disney’s Art Animation Resort, their newest resort – just opened this past summer! It was gorgeous from top to bottom, and fun too!


We had fun peeking around the new resort and everyone agreed we need to stay there on our next race weekend. (What? Next race weekend? Yeah, I’ll explain that in another upcoming post.)

Alex and I headed back to our hotel for rest and relaxation, while the rest of his family rented a boat and headed out for an afternoon on the lakes.

Early in the afternoon our hunger bells started to ring and it was time for race fuel. We headed to Downtown Disney and ate at Wolfgang Puck Express. (Click here for review and recap.)

By the time we finished lunch and got back to the hotel it was shortly after 3pm. Less than 7 hours until the start! We watched football and napped on and off until about 6:30pm. Then it was prep time. We had to be on our bus over to Hollywood Studios by 8pm. We met the family by the pool, pinned on our bibs, said our good byes, and off we went.

We loaded onto our bus, found a pair of seats, and all my nerves came rushing in…

This is getting long, so I will leave it here and have a post to follow about the race itself.


One thought on “ToT Weekend: RACE DAY!

  1. Kerry @ Half Healthy, Half Nuts

    Ooh, I can’t wait to check out Art of Animation! Hubs and I are going to stay out at Pop Century for our anniversary (AofA was too expensive, since we live like 15 minutes away we thought it was silly to pay $300/night!) and then walk over to Art of Animation to check it all out! Can’t wait. I’m a Disney dork like that!


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