Coral Reef Restaurant

Long before we left for our Tower of Terror weekend Alex and I knew we wanted a quite dinner, just the two of us. Alex took the initiative and made (surprise) reservations at Nine Dragons Restaurant in the China Pavilion of EPCOT. Disney describes Nine Dragons as:

Nine Dragons Restaurant provides a lunch and dinner menu of traditional and modern Chinese cuisine. Dine in a contemporary Asian setting in the China Pavilion at Epcot theme park.

Early last week I took a quick peek at their menu and had second thoughts at eating there. They put spice in EVERYTHING and I thought it might be a bad idea to eat a lot of spice induced food 48 hours before our race.

A last-minute change in reservations and we were scheduled to dine at the Coral Reef Restaurant.


We were seated by a huge aquarium. Dining with sharks and sting rays is never boring. We were never camera ready when one of our friends swam by.


We were immediately greeted by a very perky server named Bob, and a basket of bread. First, Bob was super fun and helpful with menu recommendations. Second, the bread was absolute perfection. It was crunchy on the outside while being warm and delicious on the inside. We love bread!


The though decisions stared us in the face. What to eat for dinner?


After Bob’s recommendation Alex settled on the Pan-seared Seasonal Catch. The fish that day was one that neither of us were familiar with and now neither of us can remember the name of it. However, what I can tell you is that Alex loved it! (Remember, I can not eat seafood because of allergies.) He said it was not a fishy fish. It was light, flavorful, and cooked to perfection – he didn’t use his knife during the entire meal! The Cajun-Tomato Broth was not overly spicy and for once Alex enjoyed something spicy. The one thing he couldn’t stop raving about was the Smoked Gouda Grits. I  even had to try a bite and they totally lived up to the hype!


I picked the Seared Chicken Breast. The chicken was served over Spaetzle finished with Applewood smoked Bacon and Chicken Broth. Spaetzle is a type of egg noodle that originates in northern Europe. It can be mixed with different things but in this case it was mixed with corn, chopped bacon, and asparagus. The Spaetzle was the best part of my meal, for sure.


Next up: Dessert! The best part of dinner!


I opted for the Bailey’s and Jack Daniel’s Mousse. The mousse was delightful. The Bailey’s layer was creamy and rich while the Jack Daniel’s layer packed a strong punch. Alex went with the Classic Vanilla Crème Brulee. He ate it before I could even steal a bite so I guess it was good. I am lucky I even got that picture.










At the end of the meal we were both feeling full and happy, but the skies opened up right as we were ready to leave. We waited it out for a few minutes by having a little fun. People thought we were strange, I am sure.









While we were dining at EPCOT’s Coral Reef Restaurant, Alex’s parents were enjoying a dinner at Kouzzina by Cat Cora over at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn.

Celebrity chef Cat Cora celebrates her heritage at Kouzzina—Greek for “kitchen,” a casual family restaurant specializing in Mediterranean creations.

They couldn’t stop raving about their dinner. Alex and I almost regretted going off on our own, but we just made a pact to have our next special dinner at Kouzzina.


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