Upcoming Stuff (You Don’t Want to Miss!)

Before I get right to it I need to say thank you for everyone that tweeted, commented, and texted about my mom’s surgery last Friday. She was in and out of surgery within an hour. The Dr. found a very small lump, which he removed cleanly. From there everything else looked cancer free, but we will have the final results back on Thursday. For now, we are all grateful.

So, upcoming stuff.

Thursday morning, bright and early, Alex and I will depart for Walt Disney World Orlando! It’s only an hours drive but we want to make the most of every moment.

Friday morning kicks off much like Thursday, bright and early with breakfast followed by the Disney Healthy and Fitness Expo.

EPCOT’s Food and Wine Festival kicks off on Friday too! I fully intend to sample my way around the world. I mean, check out this menu! Where do I start? What do I chose? Luckily the event runs through mid November.

Saturday is race day. We plan to keep it low-key and indoors. Breakfast in the morning with the family, some fun and games at Disney Quest, a healthy lunch at Wolfgang Puck, and then Alex and I will settle in for a long afternoon nap.

Buses start running to the race site at 7pm EST. We have to be on the bus no later than 8pm to ensure we are in our corral by 9:15pm. Fireworks will start the race promptly at 10pm.

An after party will begin inside the park as soon as the fireworks signal our start. Our family and friends can jam to the DJs, enjoy the rides, and cheer on runners as we enter the park for the final half mile of the race. The party will rock until 4am! It promises to be unforgettable.

OHH.MMMM.GEEE! I can not believe this weekend is actually upon us! I just want to be in the corral and ready to start. I am afraid all my nerves will take over before I can soak in all the magic of the moment.

I am ready to start. More ready then I’ve ever felt and I am not really sure how I got here. I am ready to push myself further than ever before. I am ready to enjoy every moment. I am ready to cross the finish line with my best friend and beloved running partner. I AM READY!

Sunday Alex and I have one plan: Sleep! At least until checkout at 11am then we’ll head to one of the water parks to float around the lazy river.

Now here is the tricky part: My eating throughout the weekend. I mean, on race day I know how I have to eat. But every other day, I would like to make the most of our experience and enjoy it all, including the food (Hello, Food and Wine Festival!)  But…

Over the summer I read It Starts with Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig. After Ash and Ann starting posting more about the book my interest peaked again. This time I wanted to study the book and not just read the words.

Monday is October 1st. It’s also the start of October Unprocessed. Have you heard of it? Go check it out!

I’ll be coming off 4 days (with a lot of delicious food) and one 10 mile race at Disney, but I took the October Unprocessed pledge and I will be implementing everything I learned from It Starts with food and Whole30.

I’ve got a lot to do in the next 33 hours before we hit the road at 7am Thursday.

I will blog about every bit of my weekend, maybe not as they happen but definitely when I return. On Monday I will also start talking more about the October Unprocessed challenge and It Starts with Food.

In the mean time, you can follow my every move throughout race weekend on Twitter @Sabrina_Alex and on Instagram @sabrina_m85.

Tower of Terror 10 Miler, we are coming for you!

3 thoughts on “Upcoming Stuff (You Don’t Want to Miss!)

  1. halfhealthyhalfnuts

    I am soooo excited for you!!! I live in Orlando and go to Disney all of the time, but I get so excited and giddy when I read about people going to Disney and doing it up (ie, staying at the resorts, going to the parks, etc)!! I can’t wait to read about your weekend here! Food and Wine Festival is my favorite time of year! Definitely go to the Argentina booth and get the beef skewers with Chimichurri and boniato. Ahhh-mazing!!!! I get it every single time we go there – which is weekly or a couple of times per week, depending on which concert is going on! (we’re big on seeing all of the bands, they have good ones this year!) I’m so excited to read about your time at Disney and the race!!! I am sad I won’t be there racing, but I will get to live through it through reading your recaps! Can’t wait! GOOD LUCK and take pics!!!!! 🙂

    1. Sabrina Post author

      I live in over Melbourne and we just bought premium passes. So this weekend is just the first of many. Hopefully its the first of many run Disney events too!


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