Friday Five 9.21.12

As the weekend has slowly begun to make its appearance I’ve been playing the part of many roles.

Entertainer. Driver. Comforter. Supporter. Chef. Care Giver.

Writing here is so much more enjoyable now that I spruce things up a bit. Turns out that I needed a few minutes this morning to drink my iced coffee and relax. So here I am. Randomness and all.

  1. 6 days 15 hours until the Tower of Terror race weekend kicks off. HOLY SHIT! I feel ready, but maybe not.
  2. I am reading It Starts with Food for the second time. It’s on my Nook so if any other readers  want to borrow it we can start a list in the comment section, right after Lynsey. She has her dibs in already.
  3. My high school class just started planning our 10 year reunion for next summer. HOLY SHIT! I am not ready.
  4. Alex and I picked up my niece and nephew yesterday at 3pm. We took them to Downtown Disney and introduced them to pin trading and other fun things. I didn’t take one picture. Am I a bad Aunt?
  5. This past week we began to set Christmas displays at work. HOLY SHIT! I am not ready.

Off to conquer the obstacles and adventures of the day! Wish me luck.

— Oh, and thanks for your well wishes for my mom. I appreciate it, and so does she! Red heart


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